Saturday, September 16, 2017

Guest Post: Some Tips for First Time Book Convention Attendees! (@Vegascom)

Hello everyone!  I was asked by Vegas to do a little post on some tips to give to people going to their first book conventions!  Now, even though I haven't gone to a book convention per se, I have went to a comic con and the experience I gained from going to a comic con might actually help anyone who is going to a book convention for the first time.  So, here are my tips for people who are going to a book convention for the first time!


Spend your Money Wisely

The most important thing to remember about conventions in general is that they will have lots of merchandise available for your convenience and you might cave in and buy all of these lovely merchandises for yourself!  So, what do you do to prepare for all of these merchandises at the comic con or book convention?  You make sure that you brought enough money with you to buy the merchandises.  Things can get very expensive at a convention when it comes to merchandises, especially if you are planning on buying everything at the convention.  My advice is to walk around the convention and observe all of the merchandising venues and then decide on which merchandises you really want, so that way you won't use up all of your money on a convention and you would be able to get the merchandises you really wanted rather than end up with lots of merchandises that you would have no use for.

Have a Bottle of Water on You

 You will be walking around the convention for most of the day, so of course you will get a bit tired with walking around so much.  So, you should always have a drink on you, whether you bought it from a vendor or you brought it from home, depending on the rules that the convention has in regards to bringing food.  I would suggest a bottle of water would be the best drink for walking around a convention, although you can get any kind of drink you want, as long as you have something that can replenish your energy!

Attend Events Early

It's always nice to go to events that involves your favorite authors, but what happens when you find out about an event that features a very popular author and you want to go, but you want to avoid the large crowd that would come to this event?  The best thing to do is to attend the event at least 30 minutes early because if you want to meet up with the author early or get some good seats at the event, then arriving early would be the best way to go!

Get Yourself a Brochure and a Map

It is always nice to know where certain events or venues would be held at so that way, you can just go up to the events without worrying about how to get there.  So, if the convention has a brochure and a map, always get yourself one so that way you would be able to make plans on going to these events and also know where the events are being held at so that way you won't get lost at the convention.

Have Fun!

Don't ever go to any kind of convention because you were forced to.  Go to a convention because you want to and just have fun!  It's always exciting to meet up with various authors and artists who worked on your favorite books and ask them questions about their experiences about writing and illustrating books.  It's also fun to buy some merchandise that represents your love of your favorite books, so always have a good time when you are going to a convention!

Well, that's my tips for first time book convention attendees!  Are you going to a book convention and what authors would you like to meet?  Please feel free to comment below!

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