First off, I would like to thank you all for considering me in reviewing your works!  I always enjoy reading various books and I'm happy knowing that I'm helping out authors and publishers with getting their books more recognition through my reviews!  However, there are a couple of rules that I have in regarding how I deal with reviewing books on this blog.  So, here are some policies that I have regarding my book reviews.

  • I do not get paid for my book reviews.  I mainly review books for pleasure and to get my own opinions about a book out there in the book community.  I also review books to help people decide on whether or not they want to pick up the book I had just reviewed.  However, if you want to pay me for doing a guest post, then that's fine since I'm not reviewing a work in a guest post and most of the guest posts that I have done are about promoting a product that is not a book.  I would rather not get paid for doing a book review because I feel that it violates my honest opinion policy about my book reviews and I would like to remain honest in my reviews.  However, I do have a Beta Reading Service where you can send me a manuscript of your work and I'll check over your work for any grammar errors or check for sentence structures.
  • My reviews consists of my personal and honest opinions about a book that I had just read.  Which means that I won't necessarily give all the books that I had read a positive review.  These are my personal opinions about the book and I am open to hearing different opinions about a book that I had reviewed as long as you are not rude or offensive towards me when giving out your opinions.
  • I post my reviews on the following websites: Goodreads, Booklikes and at times, Amazon, Wordpress and Steemit.  I tend to cross post my reviews on these sites. So if it seems like these reviews are the same on these other sites, it's because I'm cross posting the reviews.  The only one of these websites that I don't cross post my reviews is Amazon, since I tend to give out much shorter reviews on Amazon of the books I've read.

  • I usually accept ARCs and e-ARCs from publishers and authors.  However, if you want to send me a copy of your book, then you must email me first since I am more likely to accept your ARC if it's emailed to me.  Also, please state in your email the following information about your book:
1. The title of the book
2. Author's Name
3. Illustrator's Name (if the book has pictures)
4. Year the book was published
5. Short Summary of the book
6. Genre of the book (it can be multiple genres if the book has many genres)
7. Reading Age Level (Children's, Young Adult or Adult)
8. Type of book (Graphic Novel, Novel, Picture Book)

  • I also receive ARCs from websites like NetGalley, Reading Alley and Edelweiss.  Whenever I review an ARC, I usually state in my reviews about where I got the ARC from, whether it be from the author, NetGalley or Edelweiss.
  • Also, starting now, I will not be accepting ARCs that have a deadline.  I'm usually terrible at reading ARCs on time because I'm a slow reader and it would normally take me up to a month or two to read a book, especially if it's a long novel.  However, if it's a children's book or a book that is at least 100 pages or less, I'm more likely to review those types of ARCs since I don't have to worry about rushing through the ARCs to get my reviews out on time.
  • If I don't post up a review of your book on a certain day, it's probably because I'm either still reading the book or something has come up in my life that is keeping me really busy and therefore, leaving me less time to read the book that you had sent me.  I will try to email you or tweet to you about the delay with the reviews.  But please be patient with me since I tend to read slowly and I may not get the reviews out until a few months later.
  • As I mentioned before, I give out honest reviews. So even if an author or a publisher gives me a copy of their work, that doesn't guarantee that I will give out a positive review.  Receiving an ARC from an author or publisher does not affect my opinions of the work or how I review the work.  I will give out my honest opinion about the work just like I do with any other book I review on this blog.

I do have limits on what kind of books I like to read and what kind of books I don't like to read.  So, here are some genres that I enjoy reading:

  • Graphic Novels and Manga
  • Children's Books
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction
  • Romance (particularly contemporary, paranormal and historical)
  • Social Issues in a Fictional Setting (books like "The Hate U Give" and "Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda" are fair game)
  • LGBT
  • African American Fiction
  • Humor

  • Non-Fiction
  • Biographies
  • Politics (so books like "Fire and Fury" and "A Higher Loyalty" are a big no-no)
  • Erotica (I love romance novels, but nothing too explicit)
  • Cook Books (Sure, I'll use them for making food, but I can't really give out a good review about them)
However, there will be a few exceptions for non-fiction or biographies, depending on whether or not the content interests me.

I am currently an Amazon Associate and there are affiliate links located on the sidebars of the blog.  If you click on these affiliate links and you buy a product from Amazon through these links, then I will receive a small commission for the purchase.

To Be Announced...

If you have any questions regarding these policies or if you want to contact me through another social network, then here are the links to my other social profiles:

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Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Rabbitearsblog
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