Sunday, April 28, 2013

[BOOK REVIEW] American Tall Tales by Mary Pope Osborne

Title:  American Tall Tales

Author:  Mary Pope Osborne

Artist:  Michael McCurdy

Genre: Tall Tales / Fantasy / Heroes

Year Published: 1991

Year Read:  2008

Publisher:  Knopf Books for Young Readers

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 5+  (Nothing Objectionable)

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 “American Tall Tales” is a set of tales from famous tall tale heroes of the west, African-American history, and of the Mississippi. Mary Pope Osborne’s hilarious retelling of the American heroes and Michael McCurdy’s wood engraved drawings both make these set of collections an instant treat.

“American Tall Tales” is a great book about tall tale legends that made a difference in the world. One of the best advantages in this book is the colorful characters. Each tall tale character is a portrait of self confidence and perseverance and each try to achieve their goals and therefore, become great figures in history. A couple of great examples would be of Mose the Fireman who volunteers to save innocent lives, regardless of him not being paid for his work. Mose lives to help people in danger of losing their lives in a fire and would stop at nothing to make sure that the people get out of the dangerous situations that they are in alive. Another great example would be John Henry, who sacrificed his life to save the duties of the other workers so that they would not lose their jobs to the drill machine. Michael McCurdy’s wood engraved drawings are magnificent as he gives this book an old-fashioned style, especially when he creatively illustrates each tall tale character as tough yet friendly looking figures.

“American Tall Tales” is probably the greatest retelling of America’s greatest tall tale heroes and how they made a difference during their time and helped encouraged modern day readers to believe in themselves and do the right thing. Parents who want to teach their children about American Folktales would be interested in this book as it is suitable for children ages five years and older.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

[BOOK REVIEW] Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator! by Mo Willems

Title:  Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator!

Author: Mo Willems

Genre: Animal / Humor / Friendship

Year Published: 2011

Year Read: 2013

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 4+ (Nothing Objectionable)

After reading so many of Mo Willems’ fantastic books like “Knuffle Bunny” and “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!” I was lucky to stumble upon this book called “Hooray for Amanda and her Alligator!” and I must admit that this book is probably one of Mo Willems’ cutest books ever written!

Amanda and Alligator (who happens to be a stuffed toy) are best friends and they love to surprise each other!  Whether Amanda surprises Alligator or Alligator surprises Amanda back, they are inseparable.  But, one day Amanda brings home a surprise that Alligator does not seem to like. 

Will Alligator love this new surprise?

There are a total of six and a half stories that details the adventures of Amanda and her Alligator!

SO CUTE! Those are the two words that would most likely describe this book!  Mo Willems has done it again in writing books for children and making them so intriguing and creative all at the same time!  I loved the way that Mo Willems portrayed the friendship between Amanda and her Alligator as they truly care for each other and I love the little banters between them like this memorable exchange:

“I have a surprise for you,” said Alligator. “Would you like it?”

He giggled some more.

“Is it you yelling ‘BOO!’?” asked Amanda.

“Uh,” said Alligator, “not anymore.”

I really loved the personalities of both Amanda and Alligator as they are both snarky, but in a good way.  I loved the fact that Amanda enjoys reading books and in each chapter, she is always seen reading something different whenever Alligator tries to surprise her.
I also loved Mo Willems’ artwork as the artwork is simplistic yet cute at the same time.  I loved the images of Alligator himself as he is shown to be bubbly shaped and has a blue color which really makes him stand out in the story.  I also loved the appearance of Amanda herself as she is shown as a small girl with short black hair, a pink t-shirt and green pants and I loved her facial expressions whenever she is mad or happy.

The reason why I took off half a star for this book is because I felt that the book lacked the witty banters that Mo Willems normally put into his children’s books, even though there were a few here and there.  I do think that many children will enjoy this book, but any child who loved the usual snarky comments made by the characters in most of Mo Willems’ books might be a bit disappointed to not find much in this book.

Overall, “Hooray for Amanda and her Alligator” is a truly cute book from the creative mind of Mo Willems and children who loves reading about fantastic friendships and cute little alligators would definitely enjoy this book!  I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since it is appropriate enough for small children.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

[BOOK REVIEW] Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

Title:  Hallowed

Author: Cynthia Hand

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Year Published: 2012

Number of Pages: 403 pages

Date Read: 4/21/2013

Series: Unearthly #2

Publisher:  HarperTeen

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 15+ (Some Language)

“Hold on to the ones you love because you never when they will be gone.”

After reading Cynthia Hand’s fantastic book “Unearthly,” I just had to pick up the sequel to this book, “Hallowed” and oh man, was I blown away by this incredible story!  In this novel, Clara Gardner will experience both joy and pain that she had never experience before as she has to make tough choices that will change her life forever!  Well, she is part angel after all; how more complicated can her life be?

After Clara Gardner, who happens to be part angel, confronted the forest fire that invaded her visions in the first book, she thought that everything would be fine now that she saved Tucker’s life and meets up with Christian.  Unfortunately, Clara will soon realize that the forest fire was just the beginning of her problematic visions.  Even though Clara is happily dating Tucker Avery and she is becoming fast friends with Angela Zerbino and Christian Prescott, she will soon realize that she would have to make tough choices in her life that could possibly put her happiness in jeopardy.

Oh, and did I mention that someone Clara truly cares about will die and that Clara has to find some way to stop it from happening?

Wow…I am just so awestruck by how emotional and exciting this book really was!  Cynthia Hand’s writing is just as beautiful and heartwarming in this novel as it was in “Unearthly” and I often found myself really sympathizing with Clara’s predicament in either deciding to give up her purpose in order to have a happy life or give up the life she chooses to live in order to fulfill her purpose.  I really loved the supernatural themes being explored in this story, especially about the fact that Clara and her family are angels and that they have to serve a purpose given to them during their lives.  I also loved the way that Cynthia Hand weaved the angels’ purposes into the story by making the purposes collide with the characters’ personal lives and how the characters react to the purposes they must perform.  This is especially prevalent with Clara Gardner as she is constantly shown trying to fight her purpose in order to have the happy life that she desires and yet, knows that deep down, she will have to follow her purpose at some point of her life.  But probably the best part of this book was Clara’s relationship with Tucker Avery! I just loved Clara’s relationship with Tucker as she is almost always honest with him and it just made their relationship feel so real to me!  Tucker Avery is definitely one awesome hero of this story as he is always understanding of Clara’s feelings and even though he knows that Clara’s an angel, he still loves her anyway.  However, I also really loved Christian Prescott, as he gets more development in this book than in the first book as it shows that he cares about Clara, but respect her relationship with Tucker and would do anything to make her happy.  I liked the way that Cynthia Hand handled the love triangle between Christian, Clara and Tucker as it was not shown in a negative way where only one of the love interests is shown to be good-natured while the other love interest is shown to be not worthy of the main character.  To me, this love triangle was one of the few times I actually enjoyed a love triangle romance in a young adult novel since both Clara's love interests, Christian and Tucker, were extremely likable characters and I would not mind if Clara dated both of them (although I am more for Tucker any day)! I also loved the way that Cynthia Hand handled the sensitive subject matter about the death of a loved one as we see Clara trying to handle this situation with care and it was heartbreaking seeing Clara break down so much when her loved one is dying right before her eyes. 

I will not tell you who dies in this book, but let us just say that it is someone that we really care about.

The only problem with this book is that there is some language sprinkled throughout this book, although the language here is not as bad as some other young adult books.  Readers who do not like reading language in a book might want to skim over the language in this book.

Overall, “Hallowed” is honestly a brilliant novel that any fan of Cynthia Hand’s works will thoroughly enjoy!  Now, I am off to read the third book in this series, “Boundless” although I will probably have to check out “Radiant” first before I read the third book!



Thursday, April 18, 2013

[BOOK REVIEW] Batman: Heart of Hush by Paul Dini

Title:  Batman:  Heart of Hush

Author: Paul Dini

Artist: Dustin Nguyen

Genre: Superheroes / Action / Adventure

Year Published: 2009

Year Read: 2013

Series:  Batman

Publisher: DC Comics

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 13+ (Violence)

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After reading “Batman: Hush,” I really got interested in Hush’s character and where he came from since we only saw half of his story in the original story.  But thankfully, some of my reading friends managed to recommend me a story that continues the storyline from “Batman: Hush” and it is called “Batman: Heart of Hush!” With great writing from Paul Dini, who also wrote some of the episodes from “Batman: the Animated Series,” “Batman: Heart of Hush” is definitely one comic you have to check out!

What is this story about?

Hush, also known as Tommy Elliot, is back with a vengeance and he is planning on making Batman suffer more than ever before!  After using the same tactics which involves trying to break Batman’s spirit by using his greatest foes to fight him, Hush manages to accomplish his ultimate goal in breaking Batman and that is kidnapping Catwoman!  Can Batman save Catwoman from Hush before it is too late?

What I loved about this story:

Paul Dini’s writing: After seeing that Paul Dini had written stories for the “Batman” franchise before, which was writing some of the episodes in “Batman: The Animated Series,” the animated series that basically introduced me to the world of “Batman,” I was pleasantly surprised to see that Paul Dini had also written some stories for the “Batman” comics. “Batman: Heart of Hush” was basically the first “Batman” comic book story I had read from Paul Dini and it really started hooking me to his work!  Paul Dini had done a great job at providing a more detailed back story on Tommy Elliot in this graphic novel since in Jeph Loeb’s story of “Batman: Hush,” he was shown to be Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend, but that was basically all we got from his character. In this graphic novel however, we get to see how Tommy’s childhood had affected him as a character and how he started leading his life as the notorious villain Hush.  Paul Dini also did a fantastic job at making Hush into a calculating villain who knows Batman’s weaknesses and uses it against him, as it truly makes Hush into one of Batman’s most dangerous villains since the Joker!  The creepy atmosphere that Paul Dini provided for this story was portrayed greatly as we can feel tension whenever Hush is introduced into the story and the mystery that surrounds the characters and Hush’s plan truly made this story interesting to read through!  

Dustin Nguyen’s artwork:  Dustin Nguyen’s artwork may not be as memorable as Jim Lee’s artwork in “Batman: Hush,” but the artwork is still detailed and brilliantly captures the darkness of the story.  I loved the way that Dustin Nguyen’s artwork has dark colorings covering the city of Gotham as it really brings in the darkness of the city and it sets up a creepy atmosphere for the story.  I also loved the way that Dustin Nguyen drew the facial expressions on the characters as they look truly realistic, especially whenever the characters look shocked or angry. 

What made me feel uncomfortable about this story:

One of my biggest issues with this graphic novel was that I felt that the story was a bit too short and that many characters other than Tommy Elliot were not quite fleshed out like in “Batman: Hush.” I understand that this is Tommy Elliot’s story, but I wanted to see more of Nightwing and Catwoman like I did in “Batman: Hush” and have the story expand more on their perspectives on Hush and how Hush affected them as characters.  I also wanted to see more romantic moments between Catwoman and Batman since it would have brought more depth to Batman’s determination to rescue Catwoman.  Also, even though I usually do not let the artwork affect my reading of comics at times, I felt that the artwork in this comic was not as memorable as Jim Lee’s artwork and that the characters do not look as attractive as they did in “Batman: Hush.”

Final Thoughts:

Overall, even though I had some problems with “Batman: Heart of Hush” and I still consider “Batman: Hush” to be a better story, it was still a truly interesting read and a great follow up to “Batman: Hush” and “Batman” fans will definitely enjoy this book!

[BOOK REVIEW] Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas

Title:  Married by Morning

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Genre: Historical Romance

Year Published: 2010

Number of Pages: 321 pages

Date Read: 9/10/2011

Series: The Hathaways #4

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Sex Scenes)

After reading "Tempt Me at Twilight," I was dying to read the next book in the series, “Married by Morning” and I was so glad to get the chance to read this little gem of a novel!  This time, it is Leo Hathaway’s turn to fall in love and what other person could he ever fall in love with than the Hathaways’ uptight paid companion, Catherine Marks!  As usual in all of the “Hathaway” series, this novel is filled with drama, mystery, suspense and hot sizzling romance that will have any romance novel fan vying for more hot stuff out of the romance!

For the past two years, Catherine Marks has been the paid companion to the Hathaway sisters and even though she gets along quite nicely with them, she is always arguing constantly with the older Hathaway brother and lord of the estate, Leo Hathaway.  One terrible day however, the Hathaways received a letter from the original owners of the Ramsay estate telling the Hathaway family that they will take the estate away from them unless Leo marries someone and produces an heir within a year to save the estate.  Can Leo find someone to marry before time runs out and does Catherine truly love Leo?

Wonderful, wonderful work Lisa Kleypas!  Lisa Kleypas has certainly done an excellent job at writing a story full of drama, mystery and sizzling romance which made this novel worthwhile for any romance novel fan!  I also loved the character development that Lisa Kleypas incorporates into her characters as I truly sympathize with their situations and it was also nice seeing all of the Hathaway family together again and the mischievous antics they get into.  But the two characters that I was most fond of were Catherine Marks and Leo Hathaway as they were the two most unusual yet interesting hero and heroine I have ever read about.  Catherine Marks was an extremely interesting heroine as she has plenty of spunk and independence that put anyone to shame, but she also harbors a dark past that makes her distant towards any kind of men, especially towards Leo and it was that part of Catherine’s personality that I found the most interesting about her character since I rarely read about heroines whose dark pasts makes them have trouble trusting anyone.  Leo Hathaway is definitely one hero that is one of a kind and he is currently on my list of my top romance heroes!  Leo Hathaway is a truly unique hero because he can be so hilarious, charming and dangerous all at the same time and I especially loved his smart comments he says towards Catherine that drives her insane all the time! I also loved how Leo can be so caring and intuitive when it comes to Catherine’s past and it was interesting and dreamy seeing him comfort Catherine through her times of need as it shows that Leo is a truly kind-hearted character despite his scandalous past.  Also, the best part I liked about Leo is how his body is described as being lean and muscular and that is an aspect that I loved reading about in all my romance heroes!  Romance fans will definitely love the sex scenes between Catherine and Leo as it was hot and spicy and I have enjoyed every scene with them together!

For those of you who do not like sex scenes, this book has plenty of it.  So, if the sex scenes make you feel uncomfortable, feel free to skip over these scenes.

Overall, “Married by Morning” is easily one of the most emotionally driven novels in the famous “Hathaway” series and Lisa Kleypas fans will definitely enjoy this timeless tale of trust and true love!

Monday, April 15, 2013

[BOOK REVIEW] Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas

Title: Tempt Me at Twilight

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Genre: Historical Romance

Year Published: 2009

Number of Pages: 373 pages

Date Read: 8/20/2011

Series: The Hathaways #3  

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

Source:  Library

Content Rating: Ages 18+ (Sex Scenes)

Buy on:  Amazon  //  Book Depository 

I have been reading much of Lisa Kleypas’ popular “Hathaway” series and I have finally picked up the third book in the series, “Tempt Me at Twilight” starring Poppy Hathaway!  This novel is just as dramatic, intense and full of hot romance as the first two books in this series and it makes for one exciting read!

Poppy Hathaway always wanted a normal life since living with her family, the Hathaways, is anything but normal.  One strange night however, Poppy meets up with a mysterious man named Harry Rutledge, who turns out to be the owner of a very rich and well-known hotel in London and he had his eyes on Poppy for a long time.  However, when a scandal between Poppy and Harry threatened to ruin Poppy’s chances at a normal life, Harry offered to marry her to save her reputation.  As soon as Poppy married Harry, she realizes that Harry has a deep and dark side to himself that is making her not trust Harry, but will fate bring these two different lovers together?

Wow! Just wow! I never would have thought that a romance novel with a bad boy hero would turn out to be so sexy and brilliant!  Lisa Kleypas has certainly done an excellent job at writing this story about love and betrayal and it is done in the most ingenious way possible!  As usual, I loved the way that Lisa Kleypas wrote the Hathaway family to be extremely eccentric (according to the society they live in) yet hilarious and loving to read about and I especially loved the way that the Hathaway family stood by Poppy’s side when she was involved in the scandal with Harry Rutledge and it was also interesting seeing Leo being the brave and supportive brother that he really is.  What I truly loved about this book was the love/hate relationship between Harry and Poppy as it was quite unusual to read about two lovers who constantly spend most of the book arguing, but start making love to each other the moment the argument’s over!  I really loved the characterization of Poppy Hathaway as she truly does have a good heart and when her loved ones were in danger, she immediately took action and let no one stop her!  Now here is an interesting hero that I really grew on and that is Harry Rutledge!  Harry Rutledge was a truly interesting hero as he started out as a villain (even though he warned Poppy that he is an A-Class villain) but once I realized why he is acting like a villain, I just immediately grew soft for the intense and sexy guy!  I also enjoyed seeing the intense love that Harry has for Poppy to the point where he would do anything to keep her by his side, even facing Death himself to get her back.  The sex scenes in this novel are beyond hot and sizzling, they are truly unbelievably sensational!  This novel is stock full of sex scenes between Harry and Poppy, which will definitely have you panting with anticipation every time you read them!

For those who do not like sex scenes, this novel is full of sex scenes, so it might be best to skim over these scenes if they cause discomfort.

Overall, “Tempt Me At Twilight” is clearly the most emotional book written out of the “Hathaway” series and it is definitely going on my list of books to reread!  I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series, which stars Leo Hathaway, “Married by Morning!”

Saturday, April 13, 2013

[BOOK REVIEW] A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas

Title: A Wallflower Christmas

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Genre: Historical Romance

Year Published: 2008

Number of Pages: 264 pages

Date Read: 5/16/2011

Series: Wallflowers #5   

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Sex Scenes)

Buy on:  Amazon  //  Book Depository 

Finally! I have managed to read the final book in Lisa Kleypas' popular “Wallflower” series, “A Wallflower Christmas!” The Wallflowers (Evie, Daisy, Lillian and Annabelle) are back and this time they are on a mission to set up Lillian and Daisy's older brother, Rafe Bowman with the attractive and rich Natalie Blandford. Will they succeed? Read this extremely memorable and exciting conclusion to the “Wallflower” series to find out!

Rafe Bowman, oldest son of Thomas and Mercedes Bowman and older brother of Lillian and Daisy Bowman, is well-known for being America's number one rake! However, when Rafe arrives in London to meet up with the beautiful Natalie Blandford to discuss terms of marriage, he will soon realize that love might not be so easy to obtain, especially if he has to try to act like a true gentlemen and is interested in another woman: Natalie's cousin Hannah Appleton!

Oh my goodness! When I have been reading the “Wallflower” series, I had expected the final book in the series to be excellent, amazing, beautiful, wonderful and hot just like the rest of the series! Well, that is exactly what I got out of this book and it was worth it spending the rest of my day reading this book! Lisa Kleypas has definitely done an excellent job at writing this spectacular tale and what I really loved about this book is that we are once again introduced to the Wallflowers again and we are finally introduced to Lillian and Daisy's older brother Rafe Bowman! First of all, before I get into the juicy bits between Rafe and Hannah, I would like to mention everyone's favorite Wallflower women featured again! I really loved the way that Lisa Kleypas made the Wallflowers (Evie, Lillian, Daisy and Annabelle) even closer towards each other than ever before and what was the most memorable scene with the Wallflowers was when they were comforting Hannah when she was upset. That scene was truly powerful for me because it truly showed how much the Wallflowers are caring women who would treat anyone like their own family. Now, onto the juicy bits with Rafe and Hannah! I just loved Rafe Bowman to death in this book, even if it is his first book! Rafe Bowman is like the pure embodiment of a muscular bad boy hero that really set my senses on fire! I loved the fact that Rafe may have an obnoxious attitude, but when it came to Hannah, he is a true sweetheart and he would do anything to please Hannah! What I really loved about Rafe is the fact that he is described as being handsome and muscular, which are two things I love to see in my romance heroes! Now the heroine, Hannah Appleton, has now made it on my top heroines list! I just loved the fact that Hannah is so sweet and her belief in true love is just truly mesmerizing to listen to! What I really loved about Hannah's character was when she found out about Rafe's dark past with his father and she was truly sympathetic towards Rafe, which really made my heart melt for Rafe. Oh boy, the lovemaking scenes between Rafe and Hannah are something else entirely! They're so hot and steamy that any romance fan will literally fan themselves with anticipation at reading them!

This book has two main sex scenes, so for anyone who does not like reading about sex scenes, you might want to skim over these parts. Also, a slight problem I had with this book was that the beginning was a bit slow for me and the action of the story did not seem to come until the middle of the book. But, I am still giving this book a five star rating anyway because I love it so much!

Overall, “A Wallflower Christmas” is truly a memorable conclusion to the awesome “Wallflower” series and it will definitely stand the test of time for romance fans everywhere! Now that I have read the first book of the Hathaway series, I will begin reading the second book of the “Hathaway” series, “Seduce Me at Sunrise.”  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

[BOOK REVIEW] Seduce Me At Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas

Title: Seduce Me At Sunrise

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Genre: Historical Romance

Year Published: 2008

Number of Pages: 382 pages

Date Read: 7/22/2011

Series: The Hathaways #2   

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Sex Scenes)

Buy on:  Amazon  //  Book Depository 

After reading all of Lisa Kleypas’ popular “Wallflower” series and reading her first book in the “Hathaway” series, “Mine Till Midnight,” I was definitely going to try my luck in reading the second book in the “Hathaway” series, “Seduce Me at Sunrise.” This second installment in the fantastic “Hathaway” is just as brilliant as the first book as it is full of forbidden secrets, an undying love and hot sizzling romance that will have you flipping over with anticipation!

Winnifred Hathaway was always ill ever since she was affected by the scarlet fever years ago that nearly took her life.  Now, Winnifred finally has the chance to get well again by going to a well-known clinic in France that is run by Dr. Julian Harrow and when she comes back home from her treatment, Winnifred has become a changed woman!  Kev Merripen, the handsome and strong Romany Gypsy that the Hathaway family has taken in ever since he was a boy, has always loved Winnifred, but because of his dark past, he refuses to confess his love for her.  However, when Winnifred gets well again and her doctor, Dr. Julian Harrow starts romancing her, Kev and Winnifred will soon realize that their love might be more powerful than any dark secret can hold back.

Wow! I just have to say “wow” because this novel has totally blown me away with its dramatic writing and its brilliant title characters!  Lisa Kleypas has definitely done a fantastic job at writing this novel about forbidden love and dark secrets and I thought that the “dark secrets” aspect of the story was woven into the story extremely well because it brought more drama to the story and it made the characters much more interesting to read about.  What I really loved about this book were the characters themselves as they all have their dark secrets that they like to keep hidden from their loved ones, but they also know that if they keep those secrets hidden, they might risk losing the one they love.  I really loved Winnifred Hathaway in this novel as she may seem weak because of her illness, but I started seeing a different side to her that I have never seen in the previous book and that was her determination to make Kev hers!  Winnifred Hathaway has definitely shown so much courage and compassion for others in this book and that really made her stand out as a character that now she is on my list of favorite heroines and I really loved the way that she tries to help Kev open up his dark past to her because it showed how much she truly cared about him.  Now, the hero of this story, Kev Merripen, is just awesome beyond all reason!  At first, when I read “Mine Till Midnight,” he was shown to be always grumpy for no reason and it was a little hard for me to like his character.  But, the moment I read this book, Kev Merripen is now officially one of my favorite romance heroes ever!  I actually felt sorry for Kev whenever he had to come to grips with his dark past and how he was always worried about hurting Winnifred and that truly showed how caring and compassionate he really is despite his gruff nature.  I also loved the mention of Kev’s massively muscular body since I love my romance heroes to be muscular and strong and Kev has got all the characteristics of a muscular and strong hero!  I also loved seeing the continuing love of Cam and Amelia as it was just as dramatic in this story as it was in the previous book and I loved how Cam supported Kev throughout his trials of confessing his love towards Winnifred which truly made him into such a brilliant character and it was also great seeing Leo, the drunkard brother, regain his dignity in this book and he even helped out Kev with his relationship troubles.  For romance fans, there are hot sizzling sexual scenes galore between Winnifred and Kev and they are just as steamy as Cam and Amelia’s and these scenes will make your romantic senses tingling as you read them!

For those of you who do not like reading about sex scenes in a novel, this book has plenty of sex scenes between Winnifred and Kev, so it would be best to skim over these scenes if they are too uncomfortable to read through.

Overall, “Seduce Me at Sunrise” is definitely a romance novel you cannot pass up and it is a brilliant sequel to the fantastic story “Mine till Midnight!”