About Me!


Hi!  I'm Ronyell!

I am the PROUD owner of this little book blog!  I have been book blogging ever since 2012 and it's amazing just how many books I was able to read over the years!  I enjoy book blogging because I love to talk about my thoughts about the books that I've read and share them with other fellow book bloggers!  So basically, I like providing honest reviews about the books I've read (because I feel like I wouldn't do the authors and the publishers any justice if I just lie about how I really feel about their books).  So, this blog is mostly about me talking about books in general and doing various book reviews about the books I've read!  My GOAL is to reach up to 1 MILLION books being read (wow, that's quite a goal in life)!  I'm also currently writing a book called "Alien Nation!" You can check it out on my Wattpad account!

Other than reading books, I have some other hobbies that I'm interested in:

1. I love watching movies and TV shows, especially anything dealing with animation, fantasy, science fiction and horror.

2. I love to exercise (whenever I get the time to).  There's nothing like feeling energized during the day!

3. I love listening to music!  Music is one of the best things to ever have in my life (besides books)!

4. My favorite drinks are coffee and tea (I mean seriously, they are the best drinks to have whenever I'm reading)!

5. My favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween!

6. I love to travel to different places!  Someday, I would love to travel across the world just to see all the different cultures of this world.

7.  I love weird things like plastic skulls and weird movies and TV shows in general.  They are probably the most interesting things ever!

Hey! I'm famous around here!

It's practically RARE that I get the chance to be featured on other book blogs or even get interviewed by other book bloggers!  So, here were a couple of book blogs and posts where I was featured!

1.  Guest Post: Why I Enjoy Using Instagram for My Book Love! : Huriyah @ Sugar Quills (August 16th, 2016
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3. Blogiversary Celebration #2 Guest Post 'Why Instagram (Bookstagram) Helps Showcase Your Books'  : Maureen @ Maureen's Books (March 13, 2018)

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And I'm writing a novel called "Alien Nation," so please feel free to check it out on my Wattpad account!

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Hey!  So, yeah it takes a lot of work to keep up the funding to buy books to review for this blog.  So, if you want to help out a fellow book blogger get more books to review for this blog, then you can support at these sites:


  1. I only started book blogging in January 2022. It was just going to be a quick place to give my thoughts on books for the Historical Fiction Challenge. Then over 14 months later here I am still going! I am so inspired by your blog and others who have been around so long. Truly a labor of love here I can see. All your hard work does not go unnoticed...amazing!!