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Hey book friends!  You know, I have been blogging for many years now and I really appreciated everyone's comments on my blog posts.  So, to show my appreciation for you guys, I wanted to have a page that's dedicated to my top blog supporters!  Here, I will be listing the book bloggers who have really supported my blog over the years! So for every 50 new followers I get, I'll start listing the names of the bloggers who have supported my blog over the years!  If you want to have your name listed on this page, please let me know in the comments down below!

Here's the alphabetical list of all my top blog supporters!

Hey everyone!  So, I've had Ko-Fi for awhile now and sometimes keeping up with the blog can be a bit difficult, especially if you don't have good enough equipment that would help improve the quality of the content on this blog.  So, to help support this blog, I have opened up Ko-Fi and if you want to help support this blog so that way I can put out high quality content, then please feel free to support me on Ko-Fi!

And if you do support this blog, then you will be rewarded by having your name posted on the Ko-Fi supporters poster!  The first poster shown down below is for the supporters who made one-time payments to my Ko-Fi account.

I also have started up memberships on my Ko-Fi account and I have three tiers which are the SUPPORT EYE TIER, ART MOUTH TIER and FEATURED ARM TIER.  If you become a member on my Ko-Fi account, then you will receive this beautiful membership card:

This is an "example" of how the membership cards will look.  Once you get your own membership card, your avatar and your information will be posted on here.

Also, if you joined the FEATURED ARM TIER, then you will have your name showcased on the ARM SUPPORTERS poster down below.

If you become a member on my Ko-Fi account, then not only will you have your names posted on these posters, but you will also get other special rewards such as discounts in my Ko-Fi shop and digital art prints that are exclusive to members.


2.  Debbie D.
5. Retro Animation Nerd


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