Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Sunday Post Meme (122)

Hey everybody! I am participating in a book meme called the Sunday Post which is being hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer!The goal of this meme is to share news you have  on various books and things you’ve read or received and also talk about what is coming up for your blog! Book hauls can include library books, yard sale finds, arcs and bought books and you can share these finds with other book bloggers!

Hey everyone!  Well, my birthday just passed by and I had a truly wonderful time!  Even though we didn't eat the steaks like I thought we were, we actually had something just as good...RED LOBSTER!  I got my usual Lobster bake and it was delicious!  Even though the commercials for the Super Bowl weren't that great this year, I still enjoyed the lovely meal we had and I was quite surprised that the Eagles won this year!  I have decided that starting today, the Recommend Me This! Saturdays book meme will no longer be hosted since that book meme is going nowhere and I have decided to create a new book meme called "Cover Spotlight" where you get to showcase your favorite book covers!  I hope everyone takes part in this book meme!  I also just recently saw the Winter Olympics and I really enjoyed the ice skating and the snowboarding competition!  Did anyone else see the Winter Olympics?

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Well, that's the Sunday News for today and I will have more news for the various books I've read in the near future!

Posted on Sunday, February 11, 2018.


  1. I'm glad you had a great birthday :) I don't think I've even had red lobster, like.. Ever! Awesome :)
    And yup, watching the Olympics now :)

  2. So happy to hear you had a great birthday. :) Cover Spotlight seems an awesome meme - I'm a cover lover. =P I really want to read The Goose Girl. I keep hearing wonderful things about it.

    Happy readings! ;)
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday and hope the coming week is a great one for you:).

  4. Watching the Olympics this year. I used to watch them and fell away from it. Happy Birthday! And I love Red Lobster!

  5. Glad your birthday was good! I know you must have had a busy week. I love your books this week. Have a happy reading week.


  6. I'm so glad you had such a great birthday. Hope you have a great week!

  7. Happy Birthday! So happy to hear you had a wonderful time, and yum lobster! We are watching the games too. Enjoy!

  8. Happy Birthday! I am a huge Olympic watcher. Have a great week.

  9. Glad you had a nice birthday! I adore the Olympics! I am watching the Team Figure Skating comp right now!

  10. I used to love watching the ice skating, it was my favorite part. Happy belated birthday!

  11. Happy birthday! It’s nice to be surprised—-expecting one thing and getting another can be good, I think.

    After I retire, I hope to start a meme that I can keep up with every week. We’ll see, I guess.

  12. Glad to hear you had a great birthday! Happy reading Ronyell! :)

  13. Happy Birthday! There is so much going on on your blog! Have a wonderful week.

  14. I'm glad you had a great birthday. I have to agree with you, I rather have Red Lobster over steak. I hope you enjoy Foolish Hearts, it sounds like it would be a great read. Have a wonderful week.

  15. Red Lobster sounds delicious. And yet I never get lobster when we go there. LOL (I always get the shrimp linguine Alfredo.) Definitely enjoying the Olympics coverage... always exciting to see.

  16. Hi Ronyell! Sorry it's been forever! Catching up after a bit of a hiatus.

    Happy belated birthday!

    I haven't been following the Winter Olympics because our TV blew up from a power surge and we've just been too busy to sort it out since we got back home from a month away. I will have to try figure that out this week! Hope you have a great week.

  17. Red Lobster for a birthday meal, wow! I envy you *smile* Glad you had a great day and obviously a very delicious one. Sorry that it took me so long to return your visit. Got sick.

    Best wishes
    Vi @Inkvotary