Sunday, February 25, 2018

March Book Photo Sundays Bookstagram Challenge!

Hey everyone!  I just started up this new challenge for anyone who loves going on Instagram to post their book photos!  The goal of this challenge is to showcase your book photos from Instagram every Sunday in March and you are free to link up your book photos on this blog whenever we have our weekly Book Photo Sundays posts!

Basically, with this challenge, there will be two different options to follow whenever you are taking your book photos.  For example, March 4th is the day that you can post up a book photo that has all the books you are planning to read for March.  However, the other option is that you can post up any photo that has nothing to do with what is listed in the challenge.  Or, if you really want to challenge yourself, you can do both options and link them on this blog for the weekly Book Photo Sundays posts!

This challenge board will be available on both this blog and on Instagram and you are free to save this challenge board onto your computer to keep up with the scheduled dates!

I hope to see some lovely photos from everyone!