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[BOOK REVIEW] Vision in White by Nora Roberts

Title:  Vision in White

Author:  Nora Roberts

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Year Published: 2009

Number of Pages: 325 pages

Date Read: 12/22/2016

Series: Bride Quartet #1

Publisher: Berkley Books

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+  (Strong Language and Sex Scenes)

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Now, I will be honest here.  Even though I have been reading romance novels for a long time from various romance novelists, I had never read any of Nora Roberts’ works before and her work is everywhere in the reading sphere!  So, when I stumbled upon this book by Nora Roberts called “Vision in White,” I just knew that this was the book that was going to introduce me to Nora Roberts’ works in a good way!

Mackensie “Mac” Elliot had dreamed for all her life about taking pictures at a wedding and she finally has her dreams come true when she and her best friends, Parker, Emma and Laurel all came together to create Connecticut’s wedding planning business called “Vow.”   With Mac being a well-renowned photographer, she is able to capture the most beautiful moments at the weddings with a click of her camera.  But, unfortunately Mac has no desire to get married despite working at a wedding planning business due to her trust issues that started with her father leaving her and her mother when she was a child and her mother Linda constantly asking Mac for more money, despite the fact that this act is emotionally hurting Mac.  Then one fateful day, Mac runs into a shy yet sexy teacher named Carter Maguire, who she has known since high school and it turns out that Carter has been infatuated with Mac ever since they were in high school.  Now, Mac must conquer her fears of falling in love with Carter if she has to make her own happy ending.

Wow!  I have to say that as the first book I had read from Nora Roberts, it was simply amazing and heartwarming!  I loved the fact that Nora Roberts made friendship and the importance of true love a central theme in this book as I enjoyed seeing how Mac starts developing as a character as she slowly learns to start trusting people despite her tragic past with her parents and the fact that her mother Linda keeps trying to take money from her.  I also enjoyed the scenes where Mac confides in her friends Parker, Emma and Laurel about her romantic woes and her issues with her mother as it shows that Mac’s circle of friends are extremely supportive of Mac through her life and it shows that they are truly good friends towards Mac and it makes me want to have such friends in real life!  Nora Roberts also did a great job at developing the relationships between Mac, her friends and Carter as not only does Mac have great friends who support her through her issues, but she also has a love interest in Carter who showed her what it is like to trust and love someone again.  I loved almost all of the characters in this novel (well, except for the antagonists, of course) as they all felt so genuine and are supportive of each other through tough times.  I especially loved the characters of Mac and Carter themselves as they were the stars of the show with their unique romance and support of each other.  I loved the fact that Mac is a successful photographer as it shows that she is a strong and determined young woman who is trying to get her personal life together and it was great seeing her character develop throughout the story as she is trying to learn how to trust and love someone again.  Carter was absolutely fantastic as he is truly supportive of Mac and knows how to comfort Mac when she really needs it and who says that high school teachers cannot be HOT and SEXY!?

For readers who do not like strong language and sex scenes, this book does contain some strong language such as the usage of the “s” word and some sex scenes, so some readers might want to skim over these scenes if they find them to be a bit too much.

Overall, “Vision in White” is a truly fantastic book about the importance of true friendship and love and I am sure that anyone who loves a good winter romance will enjoy this book!

 * 2009 Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Romance



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