Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Top Ten of 2016 Day 3 (December 28, 2016) : Best Debut Authors!

Hello everyone!  Today's "Top 10 of 2016" topic is "Top 10 Best Debut Authors!"  In this topic, I will list my favorite new authors that I was introduced to in 2016!  So here are my top 10 Best Debut Authors (in no particular order)!

1. Skottie Young:  Even though I was introduced to Skottie Young's artwork in the past, I had never read a graphic novel that was written by him and "I Hate Fairyland" seems to be the first graphic novel written by him and I really loved it!

2. Pierce Brown:  I've always heard good things about Pierce Brown's work in the "Red Rising" trilogy and when I picked up "Red Rising," it was quite an enjoyable read!

3. Rachel Hartman : I've heard a lot of good things about Rachel Hartman's works and her book "Seraphina" was definitely worth the read!

4. Antonia Michaelis:  My book friends recommended me the title "The Storyteller" for many years and I just finally got around to reading this book this year!  I think that Antonia Michealis did a brilliant job with twisting our expectations for a romance novel in an extremely intense and brilliant way!

5.  G. Willow Wilson : I've heard a lot of good things about G. Willow Wilson's run on "Ms. Marvel" and this was the first year that I was introduced to her work with "Ms. Marvel" and it was excellent!

6. Nora Roberts: This is the first year that I was introduced to Nora Roberts' works, even though she has created like over 100 books during her career!  "Vision in White" was the first Nora Roberts book I had read and I loved it!

7.  Jon Klassen: I've heard a lot of good things about "I Want My Hat Back" and this was the first year I was introduced to Jon Klassen's work and his dark twists within children's books was definitely worth reading!

8.  Marjorie Liu : After hearing so many good things about her run on X-23, I wanted to check out her works and "Monstress" was the first series I was introduced to her work and it was quite an enjoyable series!

9.  Noelle Stevenson: My book friends once again recommended me another good read called "Nimona" and this was the first graphic novel that introduced me to Noelle Stevenson's works and it was worth picking up!

10. Mark Tatulli: I have read many newspaper comics by a variety of writers, but I had never read anything by Mark Tatulli before and his graphic novel "Lio" There's a Monster in My Socks" was definitely a treat to read!



  1. I had no idea any of these were debuts! I really need to pay more attention. They sound great and I have Seraphina on my shelf now. I hope I get to read it soon.

    1. These were actually authors I was introduced to this year and I hope you get the chance to read Seraphina!

  2. Red Rising is all over your lists! I think it published in 2014 though, right? Not quite 2016. Still, it definitely deserves the accolades. Fabulous list, Ronyell!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Yeah, this was a list of authors I was introduced to this year. Red Rising happens to be a great read all around! :D

  3. I've only read Red Rising from your list, but I'll def be looking forward to reading the other books next year.