Thursday, June 29, 2017

Guest Post: Bloggers I Would Include on my Conference Panel! (@eventbrite)

Hello everyone!  I was asked by Eventbrite to do a little post on which bloggers I would like to feature on my conference panel?  There are so many great things to talk about when talking about books and I have made acquaintances with many awesome book bloggers over the years!  So, here's a list of book bloggers that I would like to include in my conference panel!

1. Cait @ Paper Fury : Cait from Paper Fury would bring an element of fun to the conference table as her comments regarding reading are full of humor and wit and would help anyone who is interested in checking some books by her witty comments alone!

2. Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer: Due to being the host of the popular book meme "The Sunday Post," Kimba would be great in attracting readers from around the web to discuss about various books!

3. Rabid Reads:  This blog has a great collaboration between Jessica, Carmel, Lorna and Melanie and they would be great in giving out group opinions about the books being discussed on the panel.

4. Yvo @ It's All About Books: Yvo is very committed to reading as many books as she can and she would be a great speaker for giving out advice on how to read your favorite books fast!

5. Alyssa @ The Eater of Books: Alyssa is very good at generating conversations with many book bloggers and she would be able to start up a conversation about books very easily!

6. Bonnie @ For the Love of Words: Bonnie reads many audiobooks and she would be a great person to spread the word about audiobooks during the panel!

7. Emily May and Brandi @ The Book Geek: Both Emily May and Brandi are very passionate about the books they read that they would be interesting to have in the panel as they explain about how they are able to take such excellent photos of the books they've read!

8. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence: Jeann and the crew from Happy Indulgence also do Youtube videos about the books they have read and they would be a great addition to the panel about discussing about Booktube!

9. Sarah Elizabeth @ Sarah Elizabeth's Bookshelf: Sarah Elizabeth is another book blogger who reads a large amount of books in a short time and would be great in discussing about reading multiple books at one time!

10. Greg @ Book Haven: Greg is excellent at starting up conversations about books while also detailing his personal life, so he would be a great addition to the panel!

Questions asked during Conference Panel:

1. What are your favorite books?
2. For anyone who reads multiple books at one time, how do you manage to read many books at one time without getting too mixed up on what you are reading?
3. What unknown books do you think everyone should read?
4. What was your most hated book?
5. How do we get more people to read?

Where will it take place?

If I were to have a conference panel, I probably would choose a book event to attend such as BookExpo, so that way we can meet many people at the same time!

Are you interested ?

Are you interested in doing this topic? What book bloggers would you like to include in your panel?  What questions will you ask? Who will moderate your panel? Where would you hold the panel?


  1. I would totally go see this panel. It sounds like I’d learn a lot.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I would totally accept your offer and be on your panel. I love all of your choices. Love the idea. Great post!

  3. oh yes this is a great list of bloggers! I especially love Greg, Kim and Carmel! :)