Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cover Characteristic #10: Face in the Sky

Hey everyone! This is a meme that was created by the folks over at Sugar and Snark called "Cover Characteristic" and here are the rules for this meme:

Each week we will post a characteristic and choose 5 of our favorite covers with that characteristic. If you want to join in and share your 5 favorite covers with the weeks particular characteristic, then just make a post, grab the meme picture (or make your own) and leave your URL in Linky (so we can visit). You don’t even need to participate, just stopping by and saying hi would be great! Don’t forget to stop by the other participants!

This week's theme is: Face in the Sky!

1.  The Creep: King of the serial killers by John T. Foster:  This is my pick of the week! I just loved the mysterious and frightening look of the face overlooking the city!

2. Slated (Slated #1) by Teri Terry : Such a lovely cover with a woman's face overlooking the city below her!

3. Jump Into the Sky Shelley Pearsall: Such a powerful looking cover of a girl looking with uncertainty on her face and you can see the plane hovering around her face which gives it a mysterious feel.

4. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald: This one is a pure classic and I just loved seeing the disembodied eyes overlooking a city!

5. The Vampire's Curse (Things in the Night #1) by Mandy Rosko  : This was my second pick of the week and I just loved how beautiful the couple looks kissing over the city.

Next Week's Theme:

Marilyn Monroe


  1. I like Slated but I might be partial since I liked the book. The Great gatsby though is probably my favorite- even though I've never read it I've always liked the cover.

    1. I haven't read the Great Gatsby either, although I really want to read that book!

  2. These must take forever. So, good job. I think you found some great covers for this theme.
    Sam @ WLABB

  3. I agree, the creep wins!
    Thanks for joining in last week!
    Cover Characteristics

  4. The Creep is definitely creepy. Ha ha.