Thursday, June 8, 2017

☀Daily Book Chat #11: ☀ Badly Written Reviews...Do they discourage you from reading the book?

 Hello everyone! Welcome to my  ☀Daily Book Chat☀ where I do some SERIOUS discussions that fellow book fans will get a kick out of and relate their thoughts about the subject to other book fans!

Today's discussion question is"Badly Written Reviews...Do they discourage you from reading the book?"

Reviews....they can be many things to a reader such as helping that reader decide if the book is worth picking up or explaining some of the content that the reader didn't understand when they read the book.

BUUUUUTTTTTTTT......what happens if you come across a review that is badly written?  You know, like constant GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, talking about things that has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the book being reviewed, constant SPELLING ERRORS... you know, the works.  

Do you turn your back on the book that is being reviewed, because the review is so terrible that it makes your EYES BLEED or do you still read the book anyway, despite the terribly written review?

For me personally, whenever I read reviews of books that I might be interested in checking out, I want the review to explain about what they liked or hated about the book.  That's a main priority for me when I'm checking out books to read.  So, if I happened to come across a review that is badly written and there's so many grammatical mistakes that I just can't make sense out of the review, I just skip that particular review and move on to a review that is better written.  For me, just because a review is written terribly, doesn't mean that it takes away from my interest in checking out that book, because regardless of what most of the reviews will say about that book, I will still read that book anyway just because it sounds interesting to me!

So in a way, INTEREST PAWNS PERFECTION, I always say!

So what do you think?  Do bad reviews make you turn away from the book or do you still check out that book anyway despite how badly written the reviews are? always everybody:



  1. I don't think I've ever skipped a book because of a badly written review, but I'll certainly skip the review. And if it's a book I wouldn't have checked out otherwise, I might be missing out!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I don't think a badly written review would discourage me from book, but it certainly won't push me towards reading the book either! So in a way a badly written review would be an ineffective review, because I wouldn't be taking its opinion into account when I consider reading a book.

  3. I also just skip to a better written review. The problem is when there are only a few reviews, and they're all badly written. In which case, I end up with no reviews to base my decision off of, and it actually might make me a little suspicious. I get suspicious when all the reviews for a book sound similar and are vague and poorly written.

    1. Oh yeah. I've seen that happen a bit before with a lot of badly reviews written for one book and they all sound a like after a while, which makes the whole book sort of suspicious.