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[BOOK REVIEW] Lilly's Big Day by Kevin Henkes

Title:  Lilly's Big Day

Author:  Kevin Henkes

Genre:  School / Weddings / Manners / Animals / Aspirations 

Year Published: 2006

Year Read:  2017

Publisher:   Greenwillow Books

Series: Mouse Books #9

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 4+  (Some Rude Behavior)

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Now, it has been a long time since I had read a book from Kevin Henkes’ famous “Mouse” series since I had so many other children’s books to get through over the years.  Many of the books from the “Mouse” series had an everlasting place in my childhood nostalgia as I used to read these books when I was little and I was surprised that there was a newer book from Kevin Henkes’ “Mouse” series called “Lilly’s Big Day” which seems to be a conclusion of a sort to Lilly’s story!

Mr. Slinger, Lilly’s teacher, is about to get married to Ms. Shotwell, the school nurse and he excitedly tells the class about this big news.  Lilly is excited about this news as well as she believes that Mr. Slinger will ask her to be the flower girl at his wedding. However, when Lilly told her parents about the big news, her parents tried to explain to Lilly that just because Mr. Slinger is having a wedding, does not mean that Lilly will automatically become a flower girl in Mr. Slinger’s wedding. But Lilly still believed that she will become the flower girl in Mr. Slinger’s wedding and when Mr. Slinger finally told Lilly that she will not be the flower girl at his wedding and that his niece Ginger will be the flower girl, Lilly was upset by this.  But Mr. Slinger assured Lilly that she can be Ginger’s assistant and help her get through the wedding.

Will Lilly help Ginger get through the wedding and will she still be the center stage of the wedding?

Read this book to find out!

Wow!  You know it has been so long since I had read a “Mouse” book from Kevin Henkes and I have not heard anything about Lilly and her adventures for many years now.  So, imagine my pure delight when I finally sat down and picked up a “Mouse” book that featured Lilly again and I was able to read more of her adventures in this cute and amazing book!   I loved the way that Kevin Henkes made this book seem like a finale to Lilly’s story (although, this might or might not be the final book featuring Lilly since I am not sure if Kevin Henkes is still writing books featuring Lilly) as we get to see Mr. Slinger finally getting married and seeing most of the characters featured in other “Mouse” books such as Chester, Julius and Victor make their appearances in this book.   I also enjoyed the scenes of Lilly imagining herself as the flower girl, even though Mr. Slinger had not said anything about Lilly being a flower girl as it shows that Lilly is in her own little world which was entertaining to watch.  It also shows how some children in real life would occasionally get their expectations for an event a bit too high and not think things completely through once they start imagining themselves in situations that they normally would not be able to participate in.  I also like the fact that Kevin Henkes actually progressed the characters much further in their lives in this book as we get to see Mr. Slinger get married and we see Lilly slightly maturing as a character, despite her need to be a flower girl.  Kevin Henkes’ artwork is as always adorable to look at as the mice characters look so cute and I loved the fact that we get to see these mice characters performing human activities such as planning weddings in a humanized way!  I especially love the appearance of Ginger herself as she is possibly the cutest character in the story with her pink dress and her small smile that shows up on each page!

Overall, “Lilly’s Big Day” is a truly fantastic book in Kevin Henkes’ famous “Mouse” series and I hope to read more from Kevin Henkes “Mouse” series in the near future!  I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book, unless parents think that Lilly’s bratty behavior might be a bit troublesome for smaller children.

* 2007 Charlotte Zolotow Award Nominee for Highly Commended Title
* 2007 Wisconsin Library Association Outstanding Book Award

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