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[BOOK REVIEW] Untouched by Anna Campbell

Title:  Untouched

Author: Anna Campbell

Genre: Historical Romance

Year Published: 2007

Number of Pages: 373 pages

Date Read: 1/25/2012

Publisher: Avon

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (One Attempted Rape Scene and Sex Scenes)

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I have been reading historical romance novels for many years now and “Untouched” is certainly the first romance novel I have read from Anna Campbell.  “Untouched” is certainly one romance novel that is way different from all other romance novels I have read and it has enough drama, hot sizzling romance and forbidden love to keep any romance fan entertained!

The book starts off with a beautiful woman named Grace Paget who is suddenly kidnapped by two terrible men and was brought to Lord John’s estate to “entertain” his nephew Matthew Sheene.  However, Grace soon realizes that Matthew is also a prisoner in his cruel uncle’s estate and while they slowly fall in love with each other, they must try to escape the horrible estate they are both trapped in so that they could save their own lives!

Wow!  I must admit that this book took me on a wild ride because I have never read a romance novel quite like this one!  Anna Campbell has certainly done a great job at writing this story about forbidden love and desperation.  What made this novel stood out from all the rest of the romance novels is that both the hero and heroine are tortured as they are trapped in a terrible place that tortures them physically and mentally and they spend most of the book trying to figure out ways to make their escape.  I loved the way that Anna Campbell wrote the characters in this book, especially with Matthew Sheene and Grace Paget.  I honestly love Matthew Sheene to death as he is truly one remarkable hero who has been tortured all of his life by his cruel uncle and was declared “mad” to the world.  What made Matthew Sheene shine throughout this book is that even though he was tortured by his uncle, he is truly courageous and honest and I loved the way that he tried to protect Grace from his cruel uncle at all costs, even if it means the cost of his own life.  Grace Paget is a truly inspiring heroine as she may seem a bit shy at certain points, but she is always speaking her mind and I love how devoted she was to saving Matthew from his uncle’s clutches also as it proved how much she truly cares for him.  But, the best part in this entire book was the love-making between Matthew and Grace as it was hot and sizzling and I literally was fanning myself whenever I read these little scenes between Matthew and Grace!

The reason why I gave this book a four star rating is because there were times where the plot tends to slow down a bit and I always find myself trying to skim over those parts extremely quickly just to get to the exciting parts of the story.  Also, sometimes I got so irritated with Grace Paget throughout this book because every time Matthew Sheene tries to profess his love towards her, Grace always remain distant from him and I just wanted Grace to just tell Matthew how much she cares for him and stop evading him every time he confesses his love for her.  Also, there are a couple scenes in this book that might make some readers uncomfortable such as the explicit sex scenes and one scene where a character is nearly raped.  So, if you are uncomfortable with the sex scenes and the near rape scene, you might want to skim over those scenes since they are vivid in detail.

Overall, “Untouched” is a truly engaging story about forbidden love that romance fans will definitely enjoy for many years!  Now that I have first read one of Anna Campbell’s works, I am interested in reading some more works from her!

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