Saturday, January 28, 2012

[BOOK REVIEW] Simon's Book by Henrik Drescher

Title:  Simon's Book

Author: Henrik Drescher

Genre: Monsters / Art / Surreal / Friendship

Year Published: 1983

Year Read: 1996

Publisher:  MacAdam/Cage Publishing

Source:  Purchased

Content Rating:  Ages 5+  (Some Scary Scenes)

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I actually first saw Simon’s Book when I was watching Reading Rainbow, a show that used to come on PBS when I was little. When I started watching Simon’s Book, I was intrigued by the creative drawings of Simon and the monster that this book became my all-time favorite children’s book from the creative mind of Henrik Drescher.

Henrik Drescher’s master storytelling and his wild drawings make this book extremely appealing to everyone of all ages. He vividly draws the monster as a scary figure that at first threatens the main characters by chasing them all throughout the book and then draws the monster as a cuddly figure that brings Simon, the pens, and the ink jar safely back home. Simon himself is depicted as an innocent wild haired boy who only wants to get out of the predicament that he has been put into so carelessly and the ink pens are drawn like they are playful looking snakes who want to help Simon get out of his predicament. Henrik Drescher’s creative drawings mixed with his simplistic yet intriguing narrating makes Simon’s book both intense and comforting at the same time.

Parents should know that the beast in this book looks extremely scary, probably scarier than any other monster you would see in many children’s books. The beast looks like a warthog-monster with the pig-like snout and the bristles on its back are truly terrifying as they are black and extremely pointed. If you look on the cover of the book, you probably know what this beast truly looks like. But, the monster also comes off as being a friendly creature in the end of the book so many children do not have to worry about the monster eating Simon.

Simon’s Book is one book that is to be treasured by every one of all ages. Henrik Drescher has mastered creativity beyond his ability to draw by creating intense scenes that keeps you wondering until the very end about whether or not the beast is going to eat Simon and then mellows down to a happier tone when the audience finds out that the beast is actually a friendly monster. This book is also great for children who are beginning to read since the format of this book is written in a kindergarten fashion as there are only a few words on each page and is great in reading new vocabulary, such as the book using the words “comfort” and “retreated.” Simon’s Book is a wonderful book for anyone who loves adventure and the power of friendship overcoming any obstacle in life.

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