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[BOOK REVIEW] Love the Beastie by Henrik Drescher

Title:  Love the Beastie

Author:  Henrik Drescher

Genre: Friendship / Humor / Monsters

Year Published: 2011

Year Read: 2012

Series: Pat the Beastie #2

Publisher:  Workman Publishing

Source:  Purchased

Content Rating:  Ages 3+ (Some Gross Humor)

“Paul and Judy were naughty children who teased their poor pet Beastie to no end. Then Beastie decides to eat them!”

If you had read the first book “Pat the Beastie,” then you would know what had happened to Paul and Judy in that book!  “Love the Beastie” is the sequel to Henrik Drescher’s classic children’s book “Pat the Beastie” and this time, Paul and Judy have learned their lesson and are now good friends with their pet Beastie!  “Love the Beastie” may have some slight gross moments that might make some children feel queasy, but it is truly a wonderful book to read to small children!

The book picks up from where Beastie eats Paul and Judy and afterwards, Beastie decides to spit the children out of his belly after it sees that Paul and Judy promised to be good from now on.  Now Paul, Judy and Beastie are the best of friends and they do fun things together like spin each other on the carousel, playing hide-and-seek and brushing Beastie’s gunky teeth!

When I first read Henrik Drescher’s “Pat the Beastie,” I never would have thought that there would be a sequel to that classic book! I really enjoyed the ending of the first book (though it is creepy and twisted) and it was one of the few times that a children’s book could go to such high levels of gross humor.  However, the sequel “Love the Beastie” is the complete opposite of the first book, but just as memorable.  Henrik Drescher has done an excellent job at both writing and illustrating this slightly gross yet sweet natured tale about two children redeeming themselves after they tortured their pet Beastie and becoming fast friends with their Beastie.  I loved how Henrik Drescher gave the tone of this book a sweeter note since the first book was more malicious as the kids tortured the Beastie while in this book; the kids are friendly towards the Beastie.  I like the way that while this book was less malicious than the first book, the tone of this book still remained consistent with the first book as gross humor is the main priority in both books and this book does have some gross moments such as Paul and Judy brushing Beastie’s dirty teeth and the characters passing gas in bed.  But probably my most favorite part of this book was:


I am a huge fan of Henrik Drescher’s illustrations and his illustrations definitely do not disappoint me here!  Henrik Drescher’s illustrations are wonderfully surreal and hilarious to look at and I loved the illustrations of the Beastie as it is green, large and hairy and instead of seeing images of the Beastie being tortured, we see images of the Beastie playing with Paul and Judy happily and it was interesting seeing the smile on the Beastie’s face.  Probably my favorite images were of the beginning pages where we see what last happened in the first book with Beastie eating the kids and letting them out.  I also loved the little pop ups in this book especially the one where children can pull on the Beastie’s tongue to let Paul and Judy out of Beastie’s stomach.

The only problem with this book is that there are some gross moments in this book such as Paul and Judy brushing the Beastie’s messy teeth and the beginning of the book where Paul and Judy get out of Beastie’s stomach by sliding on its tongue.  However, since the gross moments in this book are only slightly gross, small children might not have a problem with the gross scenes in this book.

Overall, “Love the Beastie” is easily one of the best sequels I have ever read from Henrik Drescher’s work and this will definitely be a great classic for fans of the original book,“Pat the Beastie” for many years!  I would recommend this book to children ages three and up since there is not much gross humor that might disgust smaller children.

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  1. My library doesn't have either of these books. I'll just have to add it to my wish list. I'll definitely keep an eye out for these.

    1. Yeah! This book is really good! I'm sure that you will like it! :D