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[BOOK REVIEW] Under the Highlander's Spell by Donna Fletcher

Title:  Under the Highlander's Spell

Author: Donna Fletcher

Genre: Highlander Romance

Year Published2008

Number of Pages: 374 pages

Date Read: 12/9/2010

Series: Sinclare Brothers #2

Publisher: Avon

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Sex Scenes)

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“Under the Highlander’s Spell” is the first Highlander book and the first Donna Fletcher book I have ever read and I enjoyed it to the very end! Anyone who loves hot Highlander heroes, lots of adventure, drama and pure sizzling romance will easily make “Under the Highlander’s Spell” one of their top romance novels!

The book begins with a beautiful healer woman named Zia being tied up at the stake because the people of the village Lorne believed that she is witch when she started healing everyone at the village without anyone dying. Just as Zia was about to be burned at the stake, a dashing and powerful Highlander man named Artair Sinclare of Caithness comes to the village and saves Zia from being burned at the stake and he decides to take her with him so that he could find out about what happened to his long lost brother Ronan. Unfortunately, Zia could not tell Artair everything about his brother and Artair also discovers that Zia is not safe as long as the villagers of Lorne try to catch her and so he decides that he and Zia should get married so that way Zia can remain safe from the villagers of Lorne. But the question is: will Zia agree to this arrangement and how far will their relationship go?
My goodness! This book was so perfect from the beginning to the very end that I just could not put this book down for any reason at all! Donna Fletcher has certainly done a terrific job at conjuring up an exciting and romantic story that will have every romance fan panting like crazy! What I loved the most about this book was Zia and Artair’s relationship throughout this entire book. If you want to know the definition of “love at first sight,” then Zia and Artair’s relationship definitely confirms just that, since from the beginning, Zia and Artair truly loved each other as they supported each other through hard times and communicated so well with each other about their problems in their lives and you get to actually know the characters’ personalities so well since most of the pages in this book consisted of their dialogue with each other. Also, this book is a fair share of sensual scenes that will send shivers down your spines in a good way. Now that is what I call true love! The characters in this book were amazing and memorable, especially the Sinclare Family as they all truly cares for one another and they tried their hardest to protect Zia from being burned on the stake. The characters I really loved in this book were Zia and Artair as both characters were passionate about their goals in life. I really loved the way that Zia is such a strong and passionate character as she always speaks her mind about what she believes that true love is and I loved how she is always devoted to her work as a healer as she tries to help absolutely anyone who comes in her path, which is what I really loved about her character. Artair is another character I really loved as he is always described in having a muscular body which makes him truly sexy and I also loved the way that he is such a compassionate and devoted character as he always cares about Zia and he will do anything to save Zia’s life. Now that is a true romantic hero!

For those of you who are not comfortable with sex scenes, there are a couple of sex scenes in this book that seem a bit graphic, but not too graphic to be disgusting.
All in all, “Under the Highlander’s Spell” is a truly wonderful and sensual book about true love and I am sure that any romance fan will fall head over heels with this book for many years to come!

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