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[BOOK REVIEW] The Master Player by Emma Darcy

Title:  The Master Player 

Author: Emma Darcy

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Year Published: 2009

Number of Pages: 186 pages

Date Read: 2/24/2011

Publisher: Harlequin Books 

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 16+ (Sexual Dialogue)

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Book Reporter: Hello everyone! This is the Book Reporter and today I am going to interview Miss Ronyell about her thoughts on Emma Darcy’s one hundredth book, “The Master Player!” Hello Miss Ronyell! 

Ronyell: Hello Book Reporter! Nice to meet you!

Book Reporter: So I see that you have just recently read Emma Darcy’s book, “The Master Player.” Could you give us a brief summary on this book? 

Ronyell: Certainly! Basically, “The Master Player” is about a young star actress named Chloe Rollins who is married to a popular screenwriter named Tony Lipton and has her mother, Stephanie Rollins, as her agent. Life was going well for Chloe until a horrible scandal between Tony and her personal assistant, Laura Farrell, threaten to destroy Chloe’s career, until a handsome billionaire named Maximilian Hart saves Chloe from getting her reputation ruined when he takes her to live with him at his mansion. Of course, Chloe has heard rumors that Max is a player and she notices that Max not only wants to rescue her, but steal her heart in the process too!

Book Reporter: Wow! This book does sound interesting! So what did you think about Emma Darcy’s writing style? 

Ronyell: I loved the way that Emma Darcy made this book extremely dramatic and heartwarming at the same time. The scenes where Chloe confronts her mother, Tony and Laura were extremely well done as these scenes were seriously intense and greatly confirmed Chloe’s fear of them. I was actually on the edge of my seat when I was reading these scenes between Chloe and her family. I also loved the sexual scenes between Max and Chloe, even though there were rarely any in this book and one of the sex scenes in this book were a little bit too explicit, but nicely done. I will admit that whenever Emma Darcy spelled certain words like “realize” to “realise,” I was a little confused, but because the story was so interesting, I did not mind about the spellings in this book.

Book Reporter: Who were your favorite characters and what do you like about them? 

Ronyell: My favorite characters in this book were Chloe and Max and what I liked about Chloe’s character was that at first she did not know how to defend herself since she was told what to do almost her entire life; however, as the book evolves Chloe becomes a stronger and more independent character that I really enjoyed reading through. The character who truly stood out the most for me was Maximilian Hart (or Max for short) because he was truly an awesome character. Not only was he described as being an extremely muscular man, which is an aspect that I loved about most romance heroes, but he was an extremely considerate and independent character who truly cares for Chloe’s feelings and tries everything in his power to protect her. My favorite scene with Max was when he literally threw Tony out of his mansion when he was threatening Chloe and that just showed so much man power for me!

Book Reporter: So you love muscular men in romance novels, do you? 

Ronyell: I most certainly do!

Book Reporter: What rating did you give this book? 

Ronyell: I gave this book a four and a half rating because it seems like Chloe did not trust Max enough to commit to a serious relationship with him. Even I though I liked the idea of Chloe being independent, I think that she rarely trusted Max and she was pretty oblivious to Max’s affections for her. Also, Max practically helped Chloe with being independent and he also protected and cared for Chloe. I know that Chloe has trust issues with Max because of her rough life with her mother and Tony, but she should have confided her problems to Max and also when her mother made accusations against Max not being able to love her back, Chloe rarely stood up for Max and she sort of let what her mother and Tony said affect her feelings for Max, which is probably why there were not many romantic scenes between Max and Chloe until a hundred pages later.

Book Reporter: I understand that this is the first book that you have read from the Harlequin Presents series. Any final thoughts on this book are you planning on reading more books from the Harlequin Presents series? 

Ronyell: Overall, I thought that “The Master Player” was a great romance novel and I am sure that many romance fans will definitely enjoy this book! Yes, now that I have read this book, I am definitely looking forward to reading more books from the Harlequin Presents series!

Book Reporter: Thank you for your time Ronyell! Well, there you have it everyone! Be sure to check this book out at your local library or your local bookstore! 

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