Thursday, March 29, 2018

Guest Post: 10 Reasons Why Books Make Us Better by Melisa Marzett (@_customwriting)

Reading books has plenty of benefits being a simple leisure. However, most people disregard this type of activity despite all the benefits. It also prevents older people to have senile dementia influencing brain and its activity. Besides this feature, it also improves imagination and critical thinking.

The book is a universal way to share experiences of the previous generation to the ones to come. Moreover, in such a way parents can share knowledge with their children and teach them to love books since after school or university people usually give up reading since there is no need to do it anymore.

Parents who prefer reading books of this or that genre of literature will be able to help their children do their homework without recourse to a tutor. Reading mothers and fathers set a good example for the younger generation because children tend to copy the behavior of adults.


It is a scientific fact that people who read a lot memorize information better and faster comparing with those who don’t read at all. Having received new information, our brain immediately starts processing it. In the course of reading, people usually, agree or disagree with the statements, get surprised or upset or feel sympathy towards main characters. Thus, our brain gets used to the fast and effective process of unknown information and every time new information will appear, our brain will quickly process it extracting only necessary one.


Imagination might seem unimportant skills and even useless but it is true even if your future profession is not connected with it. People subconsciously absorb other authors’ stylistic devices and his or her style in general. Thus, this knowledge can be used to create something new by means of changing or combining different styles and when the time comes, one can easily use imaginations skills to create something new and original.


Unfortunately, books are unable to substitute communication with a real person but it can prepare for it. Moreover, it will be much easier if this conversation will be dedicated to the recently read book. It is much better to speak to people who know at least something you like, especially if it concerns favorite books. It is a good opportunity to talk about favorite novels, discuss them, share your point of view, consider other ones, and spend time with pleasure surrounded by people who really like literature as well as you do.

Oratory skills

It is better to start with a statement that orator speech should be mastered on the basis of certain books dedicated to this topic. However, it is only basic knowledge to continue practicing. However, without broad active vocabulary, one won't be able to succeed in communication. That's why reading is so important for people who are eager to master this skill. As a rule, we don't even notice memorizing of words and constructions reading a book but once we need this information, it will appear in our minds. That's how long-term memory and reading is the best way to train it. Unlike short-term memory, all the information will be kept in the brain waiting for the moment to shine.

Other advantages

Most of the advantages are connected with communication. Besides well-developed oral skills and huge active vocabulary, those who read a lot can cite famous writers and philosophers and impress all the collocutors. Thus, all the friends and relatives can find out something interesting speaking to you. This activity is also rather favorable for the memory both long-term and short-term ones since most of the reading material is memorized subconsciously, let alone improvement of imagination, critical thinking etc.

Good way to relax

Reading is a perfect leisure for those who like silence rather than noisy places. It is actually difficult to relax since most of the time people spend at the computer and have problems with sleep like insomnia due to the brain overloading. Simply, our brain can't be turned off. That's why it is better to read at least fifteen pages and go to bed. However, excessive reading in the evening might also cause similar problems so it is better to read in the morning or anytime throughout the day.

Audiobooks are also a good option but they have a much less positive impact on our brain since only aural memory works. Visual memory also should be involved to benefit from reading.

Books vs Movies

On one hand, each book-lover would like to see a favorite book on the screen with all the characters alive. On the other hand, most people disagree with this statement being disappointed by the work done. The writers do their best to create a perfect world on a sheet of paper to enliven all the charters and magical places limited only by our imagination. Thus, it is a great responsibility and hard challenge for the director. Despite the multiple attempts most of the books were poorly filmed. A great example of such poor direction is Atlas Shrugged released in 2011. This series of novels is of the greatest works in the world of literature and the best novels of Ayn Rand. Unfortunately, director and the whole crew could not implement original ideas of the author and as the result; this movie appeared to be a disappointment for the fans of Rand's novels. Despite multiple unsuccessful attempts, we can single out such movies like “Lord of the rings”, “The Great Gatsby”, “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest" proved to be the worthy cinematographic equivalents of the famous novels. The key factors are experience director who actually likes a book that soon will become a movie, good actors, and professional stuff.

About the author: The author’s name is Melisa Marzett and she knows the importance of reading like nobody else. This article is actually intended to show people how many benefits they might have a reading at least an hour a day. Moreover, this hobby really helps her at work. She is a freelance writer working on Essay Rewriters from for many years delivering high-quality papers on different topics

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