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[BOOK REVIEW] I Hate Fairyland Volume 2: Fluff My Life by Skottie Young

Title:  I Hate Fairyland Volume 2:  Fluff My Life

Author:  Skottie Young

Genre:  Thriller / Comedy / Fairy Tale / Action

Year Published:  2016

Year Read: 6/23/2018

Series: I Hate Fairyland #2

Publisher: Image Comics

Source: Purchased

Content Rating: Ages 16+ (Gory Violence and Brief Strong Language)

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So, years ago, I had read the first volume of “I Hate Fairyland” on Netgalley and I loved the graphic novel so much that I just had to pick up the rest of this series and put it in my ever-growing bookshelf!  So, I finally got around to reading the second volume of the series called “I Hate Fairyland: Fluff My Life Volume Two” and it was just as entertaining as the first volume!

What is this story about?

After Gertrude kills Queen Cloudia in the last volume, she is then forced to become Fairyland’s next Queen since the law stated that if something were to happen to the Queen of Fairyland, then another person must become Queen in their place.  This upsets Gertrude since she spent most of the first volume trying to get out of Fairyland and once she becomes Queen, she is doing such a horrible job at ruling Fairyland that she ends up getting fired from the position.  This then allows Gertrude to continue her journey to escape Fairyland and along the way, she gets into lots of crazy situations such as meeting Duncan Dragon, who is actually a young boy in a dragon suit, fighting with a princess who is actually more than she seems and possibly changing the fate of Fairyland for the worse!

What I loved about this story:

Skottie Young’s writing:  Skottie Young’s writing is just as witty and hilarious as it was in the first volume and I really enjoyed the chaotic adventures that Gertrude goes on!  I like the way that Skottie Young continues to make Gertrude into the same rambunctious and violent character that she was in the first volume as it made the story quite entertaining! I also liked the fact that Skottie Young started to gradually give Gertrude some character development in this volume as we start seeing some repercussions of Gertrude’s actions in Fairyland and I hope to see where Gertrude’s character arc goes to in the next volume!  Also, this may sound a bit sadistic of me, but I did enjoy the way that Skottie Young incorporated the over the top violence in this volume as it made the volume so hilarious and entertaining to read through!

Skottie Young and Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz’s artwork:  Skottie Young’s artwork is just as hilarious here as it was in the previous volume as Gertrude continues to look like a young girl with a crazy expression on her face and having messy green locks for her hair. I also enjoyed seeing the carnage that Gertrude wrecks on Fairyland as it looks so exaggerated and comical at the same time!  Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz’s artwork for issue eight was so hilarious and creative to look at!  I loved the scene when Gertrude ends up going inside an arcade game and the art style is done in an anime style that really fits well with the video game setting of that story and it made me really enjoy that issue!

What made me feel uncomfortable about this story:

Even though I still enjoyed this book, one of my main problems with this volume was that there were too many things going on in the story that I found myself being confused about some of the arcs in this volume (even the ending of this volume was a bit odd due to it coming out of nowhere).  Also, for readers who do not like gory violence or strong language, there is lots of gory violence in this volume that might be uncomfortable for some readers to handle.  Also, even though it was only one instance of this, there is the mention of the “s” word in this volume that anyone who does not like strong language should watch out for.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, “I Hate Fairyland: Fluff My Life Volume Two” is a great continuation of the first volume that anyone who is a huge fan of this series should definitely check out and I definitely cannot wait to check out the third volume to this series!

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