Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday #50: Top 10 Things That Will Make Me Instantly Not Want to Read a Book

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's top 10 Tuesday topic is "Top 10 Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want to a Read a Book."  GASP!  Could such a thing be possible?  Unfortunately, yes it can be a thing.

So here's my top 10 Things that Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want to Read a Book (in no particular order)!

1.  Love Triangles

Ughhh....why does it have to be LOVE TRIANGLES?  I usually can't stand love triangles, especially when they cause so much UNNEEDED DRAMA for the main characters!  Can't we just have a romance novel where only ONE love interest exists?

2.  Trigger Warning Hit

Okay, so let's touch base here on what are my trigger warnings:  RAPE, CHILD ABUSE and ANIMAL ABUSE.  I can't stand it when these themes are introduced into a book (unless they are handled very effectively) since it makes me uncomfortable to the 11th degree, so I probably won't be checking out any books that deal with these subjects.

3.  Spoiler Synopsis

Okay, so I'm looking at a brief summary of a book that I might be interested in and all of a sudden, almost 90% of the plot is already mentioned in the synopsis!  So, what will happen?  Well, I guess I'll have to SHOOT that book down because the whole story from the book is already SPOILED!  Thanks a lot SPOILER SYNOPSIS!!!

4. Offensive Content

Usually, I'm alright with books that tackle tough subjects like racism, sexism and drugs.  But, if a book is just made to offend almost ANYBODY without a logical reason other than just spewing HATEFUL things about that race, religion or person, then *POOF* that book is gone from my list!

5.  Negative Reviews

Okay, so I'm usually not one of those people who completely listen to what the MASS AUDIENCE has to say about a book, but if I see that a PARTICULAR book has nothing but negative ratings and reviews, then I'm most likely not going to pick that book up.

6. Confusing / Terrible Writing

Seriously, a book has to be WELL WRITTEN and MAKE SOME SENSE in order for me to fully enjoy it.  If a book is written terribly or it doesn't make a bit of sense, then I definitely won't be reading that book!

7.  Ugly Artwork

Now, there's a difference between HIGHLY CREATIVE artwork and UGLY artwork and of course, it's going to be the UGLY artwork that would turn me off from the book because I'm either getting frustrated with trying to understand the artwork or I'm throwing up my guts out because I would get disgusted by the UGLY ARTWORK!

8.  Cheating

I LOATHE reading books about cheating since it ends up making me hate the characters who feel like it's a good thing to cheat on someone just for KICKS!

9.  Book is forced on me

Hello!  Are you going to force me to read a book that I had no interest in reading in the first place?  Well, GOODBYE BOOK!  I'm sorry, but I like to read books that I wanted to read in the first place rather than read a book that someone forced me to read!

10. Unlikable Characters

I HAVE to LIKE a character to enjoy the book I am reading.  So, if the character is too unlikable to me and does things that I don't agree with, then I definitely won't be picking up that book!


  1. YES! So many of these are my personal irks as well!! Great list!

  2. YES, to just about all of these! I try really hard to avoid books with trigger warnings. I feel like a lot of books don't include a warning so I end up stumbling upon things that I don't want to read and get angry and DNF. I hate that! Great list!

  3. Yes, I agree with most of these, especially triangles and cheating. I had to laugh at the ugly artwork you posted. Great list.

  4. Completely forgot about Love Triangles those are the worst!

  5. Love triangles- totally! And I'm not a fan of spoilery synopses either. I mean, why do they do that? :)

    Unlikable characters can be a problem for me too.

  6. Totally with you on Love Triangles. They are very, very rarely done well.

    OOOh - the spoiler synopsis! Good one! That's awful, and the same is true with movies where all the best parts are already shown in the trailer.

    Ugly artwork - I think I agree!!!!

    Hmm - book forcing... I MAAAAYYYYY be guilty of that. READ THIS BOOK AND LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Great list! Thanks!