Saturday, April 8, 2017

☀Daily Book Chat #7: ☀ Recommendations....Do You Do them Often?

 Hello everyone! Welcome to my  ☀Daily Book Chat☀ where I do some SERIOUS discussions that fellow book fans will get a kick out of and relate their thoughts about the subject to other book fans!

Today's discussion question is"Recommendations...Do you Do Them Often?"

As a long time book reader, there are dozens and dozens of books that I had read that I really enjoyed and I would love more than anything than to GENTLY recommend these AWESTACULAR (what kind of word is that?  Oh well, it's AWESOME) books to other book readers! So, how often do I recommend my little babies to other book fans?

Well, I started doing this thing on my book reviews where I not only have a section for the book information and the awards the book receives, but I also added a section called "Recommendations" where I recommend various books to other book bloggers.

Usually in this section, I would say something like "YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE" and then I would recommend at least THREE other book titles that are not only related to the theme of the book I just reviewed, but are also books that I had enjoyed and other readers could enjoy too!

I try to do this "RECOMMENDATION" gig on every book that I had reviewed so that way I can offer some variety in the books I've read and what might work out for some readers in case the book I've reviewed is still not interesting enough for them.  Of course, I won't do this "RECOMMENDATION" gig on every review, especially if said book doesn't really have any other books that are similar in tone or topic.  It's something that I have been enjoying so far since I love recommending titles to other book bloggers and it's been pretty helpful and interesting for many other book bloggers who want to check out titles that suits their interests!

So here's the question: Do you do recommendations on your book reviews or book blog and if you do, how often do you do them?

As always, I'm excited to hear your opinions on this topic and one more thing...



  1. I think including recs is a great idea. I've never done it, but I think it would be really helpful.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction