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[BOOK REVIEW] Nature of the Beast by Hannah Howell, Adrienne Basso and Eve Silver

Title:  Nature of the Beast

Authors:  Hannah Howell, Adrienne Basso and Eve Silver

Genre: Highlander and Paranormal Romance

Year Published: 2008

Number of Pages: 300 pages

Date Read: 3/18/2011

Series: MacNachton Vampires #5

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Sex Scenes)

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Dark Hero by Hannah Howell – 4 stars 

Berawald MacNachton is apart of the mysterious and powerful MacNachton clan and seems to possess mysterious powers. But, when a beautiful woman named Evanna Massey comes to his cave along with her younger brother David, Berawald starts to realize that Evanna is no normal Outsider and he starts developing feelings for her!

I really enjoyed this story as the characters were great and the romance between Evanna and Berawald was hot and sizzling, just the way I like it! Hannah Howell has done a great job at creating truly memorable characters and an intense plot that had me sitting on the edge of my seat! My favorite characters in this story were Berawald MacNachton and Evanna Massey as they are both kindhearted characters as they are willing to help anyone in danger and I also loved the romance between them as they accepted each others' pains and differences and tried to help each other through every dangerous situation. I truly loved Berawald as he was described as being muscular and handsome (I love that) and I also loved how brave and strong he is as I loved the scene where he fights a group of men who tortured David and I also loved the way that he is willing to protect Evanna and her brother David at all costs from the people who tried to kill her.

The reason why I took off a point for this story is because of the story's pace as it was a bit too slow for me and I often found myself trying to rush through this story to get to the exciting scenes. Overall, “Dark Hero” is truly a great short story worth checking out!

Bride of the Beast by Adrienne Basso – 4 stars 

When Bethan's stepfather, Agnarr de Bellemare wanted to have a group of innocent men killed, Bethan took it upon herself to save these men by freeing them in the middle of the night and she meets a young boy named Haydn who wants to repay her. Ten years later, Bethan is a woman and Haydn is now known as Haydn of Gwyneed and Bethan has proposed to Haydn to marry her so that they can stop her stepfather's evil tyranny, but it seems that a love is starting to blossom between them!

Out of all the stories I have read in this book, this story was my favorite! Adrienne Basso has done an excellent job at creating an exciting plot throughout the book and I was seriously on the edge of my seat as I was trying to figure out whether or not Bethan and Haydn will succeed at dethroning de Bellemare! The character I really loved the most in this book was Haydn as he truly has a muscular body (which I like!) and he truly loved Bethan's courageous spirit in defeating her stepfather which made him into such an honorable character. I also loved the sexual scenes between Haydn and Bethan (I mean, what romance novel would not have sex scenes?) as they were truly hot and spicy!

The reason why this story did not get a five star rating is because of the heroine, Bethan. She was alright, when we first meet her because she was so courageous when she took matters in her hands to help out the innocent people that her stepfather wanted to kill. Unfortunately, when she got older, she became sort of wimpy and wanted Haydn to solve her problems instead of trying to help Haydn defeat her stepfather. Also, what made me so frustrated about Bethan's character was when she realized what Haydn really is, she just decided to not trust him just because he revealed his true form to her. I mean, I also believe that there should be trust in a relationship, but there is also the fact that spouses should accept each other for who they are no matter what and Bethan does not seem to understand that fact about Haydn. Overall, “Bride of the Beast” is a great story, but I would give the story a five star rating, while the heroine of the story gets a three star rating.

Kiss of the Vampire by Eve Silver – 3 stars 

Sarah Lowell started working at King's College Hospital after her father died and strange things strated happening at the hospital when someone is killing the weakest patients by draining their blood and surgeon Killian Thayne is the prime suspect! However, Sarah will soon discover that Killian Thayne is no ordinary man!

Out of all the stories I have read from this book, this was the weakest story I have read and there is not much to say about what I liked about this story other than the fact that I liked the mystery aspect of the story as it includes the typical “Who did it?” murder scenario and Eve Silver did a great job at bringing out the drama in this story. Also, there is plenty of hot sexual scenes between Killian and Sarah that will have your love senses flare up with excitement!

The reason why this story was not a five star read is because the story was a bit boring to read through as there is rarely any action in the story and the plot sort of dragged on too much. Also, I felt that the characters were not lively enough and they sort of fell flat as they rarely have any personality that would make them stand out in the story. Even though both Sarah and Killian are kindhearted characters, they rarely shown any true personality and therefore, they just came out as being sort of background characters throughout the entire story. I also felt that the ending was extremely weak as even though we find out who was killing all the patients, it did not really deliver that punch that I would expect from a mystery story and it felt like it was just thrown in the story to just give the story a happy ending without really explaining about the clues that lead up to the revelation of the suspect. Overall, “Kiss of the Vampire” was not the best story in this novel and it was just an average story.

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