Friday, June 17, 2016

Fairy Tale and Folktale Fridays #14: The Bremen Town Musicians

Hey there!  Welcome to "Fairy Tale and Folktale Fridays," a new feature on my blog where I discuss about some fairy tales and folktales I have read throughout the years. 

The Bremen Town Musicians

Type: Fairy Tale

Country of Origin: Germany

Main Character Hero or Heroine: Animal Heroes

Recommend?: Yes!

The story starts off with an aged donkey who was past his prime and his owners decided to kill the donkey due to him being useless around the farm.  When the donkey finds out about this, he decides to escape from the barn and go out into the world to start a musical band.  Along the way, the donkey meets up with several animal characters, which include a dog, a cat and a rooster, who are all also running away from their homes due to them being too old to perform their duties within their homes.  So, the four new friends decided to travel to the Town of Bremen to perform in a band and along the way, they come across a mysterious cottage that housed a group of robbers and the four friends decided to make their musical debut with these robbers!

I actually enjoyed this story!  It was a pretty unique tale about four unlikely friends trying to start a musical band together and how they ended up tricking a band of robbers with their musical talents!  I found this story to be truly unique since it stars animal protagonists and the fact that they wanted to become musicians was truly inspiring to me!

1. Would you like to start a musical band of your own?

For me, since I'm not a musical person, I probably won't start a musical band any time soon, unless I know how to sing or play any kind of instrument!

2. If you came across a place full of robbers, what would you do?

If I came across a place full of robbers, in this day and age, I would call the cops so they would take care of them. I certainly wouldn't want to handle those robbers on my own!


The Bremen Town Musicians by David Johnson

The Bremen Town Musicians; illustrated by S. Britt



The Bremen Town Musicians; retold by Beth Belov Gross; illustrated by Jack Kent



The Bremen Town Musicians; retold and illustrated by Ilse Plume



The Bremen Town Musicians by Troll Associates




The Boy Who Drew Cats

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