Wednesday, February 10, 2016

[BOOK REVIEW] Rin-ne Volume 6 by Rumiko Takahashi

Title:  Rin-ne Volume 6

Author:  Rumiko Takahashi

Genre: Horror / Adventure / Comedy / School

Year Published: 2009

Year Read: 2016

Series: Rin-ne #6

Publisher: VIZ Media

Source:  Purchased

Content Rating:  Ages 10+ (Some Language)

Now, I know that it has been awhile since I have read Rumiko Takahashi’s new “Rin-Ne” series since I have been busy reading other books at the time. But now that I finally got back into this series, I was able to pick up the sixth volume of “Rin-Ne,” which introduces none other than Kain to the cast and man, does he bring so much tension to this series!

Just like in the previous volumes, there are multiple story arcs in this volume, which includes the first story being about Tsubasa Jumonji, the ghost exorcist, meeting up with Masato, the devil, and Masato ends up giving Tsubasa the Book of Devils, which will put horrible curses on Rinne as long as Tsubasa holds the book in his hands.  At first, Tsubasa refuses to use the book since that would mean that his soul would be completely tainted and therefore, Masato would end up taking his soul.  However, several bizarre instances cause Tsubasa to unknowingly curse Rinne, even when he does not mean to. 

Can Rinne and Sakura stop these horrible curses from happening to Rinne?

In the second and main story arc, Kain a young Shinigami clerk who records human life spans, wanted Rinne to pay a price, due to Rinne’s father Sabato, owning Kain’s mother a lot of money (which he tricked Kain’s mother into giving him so much money).  So as collateral, Kain decided to take Rinne’s life flame, which causes Rinne to turn into a spirit due to losing his human body and the only way that Rinne can get his body back is if he tells Kain the location of the Damashigami Company!

Can Rinne and his friends retrieve his life flame back before it is too late?

Read this book to find out!

Rumiko Takahashi has done it again with her clever storytelling of an unlikely couple that ended up having adventures in the world of the dead.  I really loved the way that Rumiko Takahashi made Sabato, Rinne’s father, into more of a driving force behind Rinne’s misery throughout the series and the fact that he practically jilted Kain’s mother out of all of her money makes him into a more corrupted yet darkly humorous character.  I also loved the character of Kain as he seems much more serious than any of the previous antagonists in the series as he actually succeeded in nearly taking away Rinne’s life, just to get back at him for what Rinne’s father did to him.  I also love the fact that Rinne and Sakura’s relationship continues to develop throughout the series at a much faster pace than Rumiko Takahashi’s previous works, which makes this series much more original!  Rumiko Takahashi’s artwork continues to dazzle me as the characters are both gorgeous and cute to look at and I really love the way that the afterlife is both a horrifying and hilarious place to be at as it makes the world extremely creative to look at!

Just like the previous volumes, this volume does have some language, but it is not as strong as some of the most mature manga and it does not pop up that often within the story.

Overall, “Rin-Ne Volume Six” is just as fantastic as the previous volumes and I cannot wait to see what other adventures lies ahead for Rinne and Sakura!


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