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[ARC REVIEW] The Agitated Agenda by Candace N. Ford (@PRbytheBook)

Title:  The Agitated Agenda

Author:  Candace N. Ford

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Interracial Romance

Year Published: 2018

Number of Pages:  260 pages

Date Read: 2/9/2019

Publisher:  Above the Line Press     

Source:  Physical ARC (PR by the Book)

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Some Language, Death and Sex Scenes)

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I would like to thank the author Candace N. Ford and PR by the Book for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Oh man! How long has it been since I last read a romance novel?  Since the middle of 2018?  A long time then!  Anyway, when PR by the Book sent me a copy of Candace N. Ford’s latest book “The Agitated Agenda,” I was a bit surprised by this since it is rare that I would receive a copy of a romance novel just as they are being released!  So, I just read this book and I have to say that it was one of the most shocking yet heartwarming stories I have ever read!

Priscilla Richardson was a young African-American woman who was trying to the graduate at the top of her class at Georgetown Law School.  Even though Priscilla had suffered a tragic loss when her mother died in a car accident, Priscilla still tried to move on and make it her goal in life to work in one of the most prestigious law firms and become a partner within five years. When Priscilla finally got into a law firm, she meets up with a young Caucasian man named Tom Ward and the two automatically fell in love with each other.  After staying a year at the law firm and with Tom, Priscilla started feeling sick and her illness got so bad that her best friend Sylvia had to take her to the hospital.  It was then that Priscilla discovers that she is pregnant and she starts panicking due to the fact that she never planned on being a mother and that the pregnancy came out of nowhere.  Now Priscilla has to discover for herself that not everything in her life will go according to plan and that she has to make the best of her situation and restore her faith in God to help her get through this unexpected turn of events.

Wow!  I am beyond amazed with this book!  Candace N. Ford has done a great job at writing this book as all the characters and the events were so relatable to me!  It is rare that I read a romance novel that actually takes a more realistic look at how romance works in the real world and how sometimes life throws curveballs at us that we were not prepared for.  I also loved the way that Candace N. Ford threw in so many twists and turns to the plot as I was not expecting Priscilla to go through so many horrible situations, which included the death of her mother early on in the book.  I really loved Priscilla herself as she is probably one of the most relatable protagonists, I have ever read in a romance novel!  I actually felt bad for Priscilla throughout the story as she had made big plans for herself and was prepared to follow through them.  But there were many unexpected situations that happened to her that prevented her from following her dreams.  I actually related to Priscilla through her ordeals as I myself had also made some plans for myself once I left college, like getting a high paying job from the get go.  But, when the recession hit, my plans ended up being put on the backburner when I could not find a high paying job due to the job market taking a hit during the recession.  But like Priscilla had to do in this story, I had to make the best of the situation and just hope that my life got better from that point forward and have faith in myself during that time.  I especially loved the fact there is an interracial relationship in this book (between Priscilla, a black woman and Tom, a white man) as it is rare that I see interracial romances in romance novels.  Priscilla and Tom’s relationship with each other was the highlight of this book as their relationship felt so genuine and I loved the fact that Priscilla and Tom are always there for each other, especially when Tom was trying to help Priscilla deal with her unexpected pregnancy.

The reason why I took off a few points from the rating was because I felt that the narrative jumped around a bit too much at some points, as there were too many events happening, that it got a bit hard to follow the story at times.   I also felt that the climax was a bit too abrupt since I was getting used to the turn of events that had just happened and then the climax suddenly introduced a new problem for Priscilla that came out of nowhere.

Overall, “The Agitated Agenda” is a truly shocking yet heartwarming story about the importance of true love and keeping your faith, that I think romance fans will enjoy!  Now, let us hope that a sequel gets made soon because that cliffhanger is brutal!

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