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Title: Touched By A Phoenix

Author: Sophia Byron

Genre: Steamy Romance, Suspense & Action, Science Fiction

Military technology, shrouded in secrecy and isolation. So was the man that gave it life…or so he thought.
Playboy Brad Scott spent years avoiding love, his heart and mind dedicated to only one thing—global security. That is, until he meets the elusive Alexandria Saunders, daughter of one of the wealthiest men in military technology and the fiercest corporate attorney in the mixing bowl. Alexis tears Brad’s world apart the moment they meet and with a single touch, becomes the breath against his fire…his obsession.
Unwilling to trust any man due to her haunted past, Alexis has allowed her career to consume her life until nothing else seemed important. While Brad’s devastatingly good looks and charming ways do little to impress Alexis, his touch has managed to crack the walls—walls she had built to protect her heart. If Alexis can overcome her insecurities and fear, will she finally discover the man of her dreams—the man whose touch will heal her wounds and ignite the inextinguishable flame within her?
With an IQ of 229, Brad has been responsible for the most advanced developments in the history of surveillance systems. With Alexis at his side, he has realized the greatest breakthrough of the century in military technology. Now, the world wants what he knows and will stop at nothing to hunt him down.
In a game of betrayal, terrorists seem determined to destroy Brad but should they fail, they’ll opt to eradicate the next best thing—Alexis. In a race against time, can Brad swallow his pride and allow former CIA agent John Martin to help him save the only woman who has the power to save him from himself? Along the way, can they save the world from the horrors about to be unleashed?
*Due to explicit sexual content, Touched by a Phoenix is intended for Mature Audiences only*

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  About The Author:
SOPHIA BYRON IS a Virginia native and wife to a retired U.S. Air Force Veteran. She and her husband have three adult children. Sophia divides her time equally between family, day job, and writing.
During her free time, you will find her playing with her grandson, reading, baking, fishing or playing a round of golf. She believes that readers deserve the very best she has to give.
As a new author, she utilizes a unique blend of talents to create complex layered plots; weaving a tale of electrifying romance and sizzling passion combined with a unique blend of action, cutting edge science, mystery, suspense, and thrills all of which take readers through may twists and turns, in an effort to keep her readers engrossed until the very end.




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Guest Post: The Inspiration Behind Touched By a Phoenix

Some might already know this and I’ll definitely be giving away my age here but before computers existed, I had hand written a novel.  Yes, that means pencil and paper!  I ended up setting it aside as our family and responsibilities grew.  After the house was empty, my husband was the one who reminded me how much I loved to write and encouraged me to get back to it.  I really think he wanted me to stop buying books to read so he could play more golf!?!  Just teasing, he has been my biggest fan and supporter and I couldn’t have done it without him!
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