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Fairy Tale and Folktale Fridays #10: Pinocchio

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Type: Fairy Tale

Country of Origin: Italy

Main Character Hero or Heroine: Hero

Recommend?: Yes!

The story starts off with a poor woodcutter named Gepetto who wanted to have a son of his own and one day, his wish comes true when he was making a wooden puppet and the puppet came to life!  Unfortunately, the moment the puppet came to life, it acted in a naughty manner to the point where it got Gepetto arrested since the police thought that he was abusing the little puppet when he tried to chase it through the streets.  When the puppet realized the errors of its way, it decided to behave much better around Gepetto, once Gepetto got out of ail and Gepetto named the little puppet Pinocchio.  However, even though Pinocchio is now a living puppet, the Blue Fairy told him that he must learn right from wrong in order to become a real boy. 

This is honestly one of my most favorite Italian fairy tales ever told!  I've always loved the idea about Pinocchio becoming a real boy by learning about what is right and what is wrong and I loved the fact that even though Pinocchio is a wooden puppet, Gepetto still loved him as his own son and it was moments like that that really made me enjoy the story even more.  I also loved the fact that there are several different versions of Pinocchio and that they have a different description when it comes to his personality, such as the fact that Pinocchio can be much meaner in the original story than in the later revisions of this tale where he is portrayed as being more sympathetic.

1. Is this a good story about teaching children about the importance of learning right from wrong?

Yes, I think that this story is good for teaching children about the importance of learning right from wrong because many children need to know what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do in life and this story does a great job at showing the consequences of what happens if you misbehave.

2. Would you be scared if a puppet came alive?

I probably would be a bit scared if I saw a puppet coming to life since you rarely see anything like that happen in real life!

3. Was Gepetto a good father to Pinocchio?

I think that Gepetto was a pretty good father to Pinocchio.  At least he tried his best to teach Pinocchio the difference between right and wrong and he truly cared about Pinocchio when Pinocchio got into trouble.


Pinocchio illustrated by Gris Grimly




The Story of Pinocchio illustrated by Mauro Evangelista




Pop Up Pinocchio illustrated by Harold Lentz







Pinocchio by Eric Metaxas






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