Thursday, February 11, 2021

☀Daily Book Chat #41:☀ Blog Redesigns (or making your blog even more beautiful than ever before)!


 Hello everyone! Welcome to my  ☀Daily Book Chat☀ where I do some SERIOUS discussions that fellow book fans will get a kick out of and relate their thoughts about the subject to other book fans!

Today's discussion question is  Blog Redesigns: when your blog needs a makeover!

Did you ever feel like your blog has all the usual essentials (a place to review books, do discussions and do weekly book memes), but you feel like your blog needs a little...OOMPH?

For those of you in the know, I have been blogging on this site since 2012 (wow, that's nearly 10 YEARS NOW) and over the years, I had made lots of changes to my blog.  That includes changing the designs of my star ratings, changing the designs of my Sunday Posts and changing the design of my signature (man, that's a lot of design changes to this blog)!

Anyway, I made so many changes to the design of my blog because I always felt like I could do SO MUCH MORE with my blog than with how I started out.  Here are some examples of some changes I made to the blog over the years:

See?  Notice how MUCH MORE IMPROVED these changes are.  They are as different as NIGHT AND DAY, BRIGHT AND DULL, DARK AND get the drill.  Making these changes really made my blog stand out and it really expresses what I really like (like I made my blog so colorful because I love anything that's colorful and sometimes, I make posts or choose certain books that are weird and beautiful at the same time because those are the things that I love so much).

So, having redesigns to your blog is never a bad thing, especially when you want to make your blog represent who you are as a person, as well as show everyone what you love.  Also, I always wanted to make my blog pleasing on the eyes, so I make it as colorful and creative as possible and every day I come to my book blog, I feel so refreshed at looking at all the beautiful colors and creativity on this blog!

Well, that's my thoughts for today.  So, do you often redesign your blog because you want it to be more beautiful and creative or do you want your blog to represent who you are as a person?  Please share your thoughts down below! always everybody:





  1. I've done one major redesign and then I've also done a small redesign so that the character on my header would have brown and purple hair to match mine. I don't know if/when I'll do another, though, because I love my current design so much!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I’ve done two major redesigns since I started my blog back in 2014, the last one being the end of last year when I started blogging again. I’m happy with the way it is, I’m of the opinion the fancier it is the more there is to go wrong.