Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Sunday Post Meme (173)

Hey everybody! I am participating in a book meme called the Sunday Post which is being hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer!The goal of this meme is to share news you have  on various books and things you’ve read or received and also talk about what is coming up for your blog! Book hauls can include library books, yard sale finds, arcs and bought books and you can share these finds with other book bloggers!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY EVERYONE!!  I got my gifts for my Dad all ready to go!  I'm planning on giving him the new Jumanji movie with the Rock in it, so let's see how that movie turns out!  Meanwhile, I have been out job searching and I got a call from one of the employers to have a job interview!  Fingers crossed that I get this job!

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* I was interested in checking this movie out because I've been seeing so many trailers about this movie and well, Bruce Willis was in this movie!  I never expected this movie to be so BRUTAL and yet, I still enjoyed it! It was quite action-packed and gruesome!


* Wow!  I never would have expected to enjoy this movie like I did!  I absolutely loved the first "Men in Black" movie and I found myself really enjoying this movie!  So action-packed and hilarious at the same time!


What are you doing for Father's Day?

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Well, that's the Sunday News for today and I will have more news for the various books I've read in the near future!

Posted on Sunday, June 16, 2019.


  1. The new Jumanji movie is so much fun. Hope your dad like it! I want to see the new MIB movie too. Happy reading Ronyell! :)

  2. Hope your dad likes the new Jumanji! I thought it was cute!

  3. Good luck on the job interview! I need to check MIB!
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

  4. Good luck on the job interview! Have a great week!

  5. Hope you have a great Father's Day with your dad! And good luck with the job interview!!

  6. Wishing you success with the job interview!
    I hope you both enjoy Jumanji.

    Have a great reading week

  7. Mr. Brown is a classic! I use to read it to my daughter all the time when shew was little. I really like the book cover for Throne of Glass too :). I just saw the movie trailer for the new MIB. I want to see it, so I'm glad to hear it was a good movie! Have a great week Ronyell :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  8. I've got my fingers crossed for you with the job. I hope it is a delightful work experience and I hope you are perfect for it!

  9. Wising you luck with the new job opportunity! I loved the original Death Wish movies starring Charles Bronson. Bruce Willis did great in the new one. And I have got to see the newest MIB!

  10. Wait, is Death Wish a remake of the original with Charles Bronson? I had no idea this was even a thing. I'll have to check it out.