Friday, January 25, 2019

Fairy Tale and Folktale Fridays #35: The Talking Eggs

Hey there!  Welcome to "Fairy Tale and Folktale Fridays," a new feature on my blog where I discuss about some fairy tales and folktales I have read throughout the years. 

The Talking Eggs


Type: Folktale

Country of Origin: Southern America

Main Character Hero or Heroine: Heroine

Recommend?: Yes! 

The story starts off with a young girl named Blanche who was often treated cruelly by her mother and her sister Rose as they force her to do all the housework and insult her at every given chance.  One day however, when Blanche ends up helping an old woman she met in the woods, the old woman decided to invite Blanche to stay at her house and it was there that Blanche started to notice that the old woman actually had magic powers and ended up rewarding Blanche for her kindness through a set of some magical eggs that contains vast amounts of riches.  When Blanche's sister and mother finds out about Blanche's good fortune, the mother decided to send Rose to the old woman's house so that she may receive the same treasures that Blanche received.

I have really enjoyed this story!  It's like a nice Cinderella retelling that takes place in Southern America about how a young girl ends up getting rewarded for her kindness!  I have always loved stories where the protagonist gets rewarded for their kindness as it shows children the importance of being kind towards other people.  I especially loved the idea about the eggs being used as ways to give people gifts as all you have to do is just open them up and gold and riches come out of the eggs!

1. Do you enjoy Cinderella retellings?

I definitely enjoy reading books that are retellings of "Cinderella," especially since "Cinderella" is one of my all time favorite fairy tales!

2. Was there a time where you were kind to a stranger and you got rewarded for your efforts?

Yes, there were many moments where I was kind to a stranger and got rewarded for it, whether I get a free meal because they offered to pay for my meal or getting free tickets to a play or concert.

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