Tuesday, July 3, 2018

2018 Mid Year Book Stats

Hey everyone! Finally!  It's mid year and that means that I will gather up all the books I had read so far and do some stats and review what I've read so far!  I also promised that I will be doing graphs for my book stats and I had used the graph makers from the NCES Kids' Zone website to make the graphs!  So, here are my book stats for the mid year so far:

Books Read so Far:

Types of Books I've Read:

As usual, Children's Books is in the number one place since I tend to read more children's books per year than I do with any other book.  Graphic Novels come in second place as those are the second most read books I tend to read every year and I'm hoping to read even more graphic novels during the second half of the year!  Unfortunately, I only read 2 books from both Adult Books and Young Adult Books, which is still an area I continue to struggle in.  Hopefully, I'll be able to read more young adult and adult books during the second half of the year!

ARC Reads:

I actually signed up for more ARC sites this year, so the graph for the ARCs section has actually grown since last year, which is great!  Once again, NetGalley is in the lead for the most ARCs I've read from since I've been with NetGalley since 2016 and I continue to read more ARCs from there.  In second place, Edelweiss and OnlineBookClub.org are both tied and I actually been with Edelweiss since the end of 2017, so I'm slowly trying to make my way through that site as well.  OnlineBookClub.org was a new ARC site that I just signed up for this year and even though I had a rough start, I started to get used to the set up of that site and I'm trying to read even more ARCs from there!  Unfortunately, I've only managed to read 1 ARC from both Reading Alley and ARCS in general, since I'm having a rough time trying to keep up with the ARCs that the authors are giving me. At least with Reading Alley, I was able to read that book that I haven't read since I first got the ARC in 2016 (Immortal Flame by Jillian David) and I'm going to take my time with requesting ARCs from Reading Alley until I get caught up on all the books.

Book Ratings: 

Oh my!  This year is starting off pretty good in terms of book ratings!  Of course, I've read a lot of books that were 5 Star Reads, which is always a pleasure to have when reading books; so this year is starting off pretty strong!  In second place, it's the 4 Star Reads, which I'm surprised has risen up in numbers this year.  In third place, it's the 5.5 Star Reads, which is even better than 5 Star Reads, so that's quite a feat in itself!  Tying for last place are the 6 Star Reads, 4.5 Star Reads and 3.5 Star Reads, which all had one book to each section.  I'm so happy that I finally got a 6 Star Read for the first half of this year since it's been awhile since I had a 6 Star Read that popped up early during the year!

Male and Female Authors:

Well, I managed to read more Male Authors during the first half of the year, than I did for Female Authors.  However, the numbers were very close to each other and I'm hoping to read more books by female authors as much as the male authors during the second half of the year.  I also added a new section called Unknown Authors, which are authors where I can't find the identities of their gender anywhere on the internet and this will probably pop up less frequently in the next few months.

Series and Stand Alone Books:

I'm actually quite surprised that I managed to read more Stand Alone books than I did for the Series books, which is quite unusual for me since I tend to read a lot of books that are apart of a series.  At least, I'm branching out more on Stand Alone books this year!

Types of Genre I've Read: 

YES!  I finally got the chance to add in a new section called "Types of Genre I've Read!"  I've been meaning to do this for awhile now, but I was never able to keep up with checking in to see what types of genre I read for each book.  So far, I've read a lot of books that deal with Humor since I always enjoy reading books that are funny and I wasn't surprised by the results.  In second place, I've read a lot of books that deal with both Science Fiction and Fantasy.  I have always been a huge fan of Fantasy books and I'm glad that this genre is high on the charts.  I was actually surprised that Science Fiction became one of my most read genres for the year so far as I normally don't read a lot of science fiction.  In third place, I've read some Romance books, even though I was hoping that I would have read more than just 2 romance books for the first half of the year.   Maybe I'll be able to read more romances for the second half of the year, now that I've been out book shopping lately.  Tying for last place are Horror and Drama.  I'm actually disappointed that I haven't read that many horror books for the first half of the year since I love reading Horror books.

Total Books read for January - June: 


Well, that's my results for the mid year book stats so far! I may have read less books this mid year than I did last year (last year, I've read over 35 books for the mid year), but hopefully, I'll still be able to reach my goal of reading 80 books this year, now that I've been doing lots of book shopping these past few months!