Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[BOOK REVIEW] We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen

Title:  We Found a Hat

Author:  Jon Klassen

Genre:  Animals / Sharing / Comedy

Year Published: 2016

Year Read:  2016

Candlewick Press   

Series: Hat Trilogy #3  

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 5+ (Nothing Objectionable)

I have to say that this was the year that Jon Klassen’s “Hat” series has really amazed me and I was lucky enough to read all of Jon Klassen’s “Hat” books all at once!  Jon Klassen’s newest “Hat” book “We Found a Hat” is actually an interesting departure from the usual antics of the “Hat” series that made me chuckle along the way!

The story starts off with two turtles finding a hat and when they both tried the hat on, the both looked good in it.  Unfortunately, there is only one hat and only one of the turtles can have the hat.

How will the two turtles solve this problem?

Read this book to find out!

Ever since I had read “I Want My Hat Back,” I continued reading Jon Klassen’s books and even though “We Found a Hat” was not as dark as Jon Klassen’s previous works regarding the “Hat” series, I still found myself enjoying this unique spin on the importance of sharing!  I loved the fact that Jon Klassen made this story much lighter in tone than his previous works as it made the book quite unique in the “Hat” series and I loved how this book does not focus on stealing (although a couple of scenes depicted one of the turtles nearly doing it), but focuses on the dilemma that the two turtles face in having to figure out who will get the hat.  I was also chuckling to myself when I saw the scenes where one of the turtles was planning on taking the hat and you can see the turtle sneaking up on the hat while the other turtle’s attention was away, as it was hilarious to look at and it shows that despite being lighter in tone than the previous books, it still has the same deadpan humor that was relevant in the previous books.  Jon Klassen’s artwork is as usual deadpan yet comedic as most of the colorings of the artwork are in brown, white and black, which gives off a somewhat mundane feel to the story.  I also love the images of the turtles themselves as they are extremely cute to look at with their small bodies and large and narrow eyes!

Overall, “We Found a Hat” is a brilliant subversion to Jon Klassen’s previous “Hat” books that fans will take delight in and anyone who enjoyed reading “I Want My Hat Back” will surely enjoy this book!