Saturday, July 16, 2016

Loved That, Read This #1: The Fool and the Flying Ship and the Six Servants

Hello everyone! I just participated in another new meme that has been put out and it's called "Loved That, Read This" which is hosted by Boundless Bookaholic! Basically, all you have to do with this meme is you recommend one book and then you find another book that is similar to the book you recommended.  There is no set limit on how many books you recommend per week or restrictions on what genres or age categories you feature, as long as you have fun with this meme!  If you want to participate, then link your URL on the main page!

If you loved The Six Servants,  then read The Fool and the Flying Ship.

Both of these books involved the main protagonist trying to complete a set of difficult tasks and gaining help from several unique companions who each have superhuman abilities that are able to help the protagonist achieve their goals.  Also, both stories involved a character that is able to eat twice their weight and a character who is able to travel to far away places in a few seconds.  The only difference is that "The Six Servants" is a German Fairy Tale and "The Fool and the Flying Ship" is a Russian folktale. You can check out both of these titles on Goodreads!

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