Friday, December 25, 2015

My Goals for 2016!

Hello everyone!  This is the first time that I had written a post about what kind of goals I'm planning to set for myself for both my book blog and my personal goals.  So, here are some goals that I am planning to complete in 2016:


  • Read at least 100 books: I haven't exactly met this goal in 2015 like I originally planned since my new job got in the way of me reading books than usual, so hopefully things will turn out better for me in 2016 and hopefully I can read at least 100 books by the end of 2016!
  • Comment on other book blogs: Even though I have been visiting other book blogs, I rarely got the chance to comment on everyone's pages, so in 2016, I will change that by trying to comment on everyone's pages for now on.
  • Participate in more challenges: Even though I have been participating in a lot of challenges this year, I would love to spread out some more in 2016 and I am definitely planning on participating in different challenges next year!
  • Start making posts daily:  I noticed that I haven't been posting every day as I should have, so in 2016, I will try to post something every day, whether it's a review, a book meme or discussion posts. 


  • Lose up to 70 lbs: I have been on this long term goal to lose weight and get up to at least 130 lbs. something that I have been struggling with for years.  In 2016, I will try to exercise every day and eat healthy to get to the weight I desire!
  •  Clean up my room: My room is a disaster area and I need to find the time to clean out my room and make it more organized.
  • Find a better job: Working at Dollar General is alright, but it's not enough to help me pay through my student loans and such, so I'm going to try to find another job that pays more and has better benefits, while staying at Dollar General awhile longer until I get something better. 
  • Focus on getting rid of stress: My job is pretty stressful, so I'm trying to find ways to become less stressful and start having fun with my life! 
So, what are some goals you are planning on completing in 2016? Please feel free to comment below!