Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Rabbitearsblog is now a Bookshop Affiliate!


Hey everyone!  So, I don't normally do posts about me being an affiliate of any website because I tend to jump around various affiliates from time to time and it's hard to see which affiliate that I'm going to be with in the long haul.  But, I have decided to do a post about the most recent affiliate I just joined because I feel like I will be staying with this website in the long haul.  So, here we go!

So, before I get into what book site I have become an affiliate of, let's talk about what's going on in the real world right now.  So, you all know that we are in the middle of a pandemic and because of this, businesses are starting to suffer.  Some of the businesses that are being affected by the pandemic are bookstores, especially the small and independent bookstores.

Not only that, but many small and independent bookstores have to struggle with competing with giants like Amazon to make a living.  So, what's a good way to help out independent and small bookstores that are struggling in this current environment?  Simple! 


What is Bookshop, you ask?  Well, Bookshop is an online bookselling service that supports local bookshops, including indie bookstores.  So, if you pick a specific book store or independent bookstore that uses bookshops to deal with their online orders, than that specific bookstore will get all of the profits from your purchase.  However, if you don't pick a specific bookstore and order from the Bookshop website, then 10% of every sale will be processed into a pool where the earnings are divided up and given to independent bookstores.  So, no matter how you order a book from Bookshop, you will still be supporting an independent bookstore.  You can also get some discounts when you are purchasing books through Bookshop!

So, you are probably wondering about why I'm becoming an affiliate of Bookshop?

Well, the main reason is because I want to support indie bookstores.  As I mentioned before, there are many indie bookstores that are not getting any love, so becoming an affiliate of a site like Bookshop will definitely help me be able to support enough indie bookstores.  Another reason why I've become an affiliate is because of:


I had this book blog up since 2012 (so, over 10 years now) and I always wanted to keep this blog going for as long as I live. So, in becoming an affiliate, I would be able to earn enough money to be able to add on some new features for the blog, as well as be able to buy more books to review for this blog. And this is at no extra cost to you!  So, in many of my posts, you will see affiliate links to Bookshop and I will continue making disclaimers that I get a small percentage of the purchase you make.  However, I don't want to pressure you guys into buying every single product that I featured on this blog, because I understand that sometimes we just don't have the funds to buy everything (I know I don't) and I want you guys to purchase a product that you really like and purchase whenever you feel comfortable to do so.

So, to give you guys a good idea of how Bookshop works, I have created some lists on the site that you guys can check out.  If you want some good book recommendations, then check out these lists to see what books you are interested in reading:

Best Romance Novels for Romance Fanatics!

Banned Children's Books That You Seriously Need to Read!

The Weirdest and Most Disturbing Children's Books!

Overall, I've become a Bookshop affiliate to support independent bookstores and I always love to recommend my favorite books to you guys!  So, if you want to see more book lists on my Bookshop account, then let me know!


  1. What a terrific idea! I have not done any affiliates for my blog yet, but this is one that would interest me. Thanks for sharing.