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[ARC REVIEW] The Wolf in Underpants at Full Speed by Wilfrid Lupano ( @UniverseGraphic , @NetGalley )


Title:  The Wolf in Underpants at Full Speed

Author:  Wilfrid Lupano

Artist: Mayana Itoiz and Paul Cauuet  

Genre:  Children's / Humor / Friendship / Animals

Year Published: 2021

Year Read:  2021

 Graphic Universe

Series: The Wolf in Underpants #3

Source:  eARC (NetGalley)

Content Rating:  Ages 6+ (Snarky Humor)

Buy on:  Bookshop  

I would like to thank Graphic Universe and NetGalley for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Wow!  It has been a while since I last read a children’s book that dealt with sports!  And I used to read lots of children’s books that dealt with sports when I was little!  So, when I finally got back to downloading books from NetGalley again, I stumbled upon this interesting children’s book called “The Wolf in Underpants at Full Speed” by Wilfrid Lupano, along with illustrations by Mayana Itoiz and Paul Cauuet and man, did I have a fun time with this book!

Today is the day for the big race in the forest!  But unfortunately, someone is ruining everybody’s fun as the posters have been vandalized!  So, the other animals ask the Wolf in Underpants (yes, there is a Wolf running around in underpants in this story) to investigate this case and once the Wolf searches throughout the forest, he finds a little chickadee.  It turns out that the chickadee is the one who is ruining the posters and the reason why he is lashing out is because he was born with one of his wings being shorter than the other and therefore, he cannot fly.  Once the Wolf in Underpants learns of this, he decided that he will find a way for the chickadee to participate in the big race, one way or another!

Will the Wolf in Underpants be successful in getting the chickadee in the big race? 

Read this story to find out!

Now, I will admit that I was a bit surprised to find out that this book is actually apart of a series called “The Wolf in Underpants” and this is the third book in the series!  Seriously, NetGalley tends to only give out half of the books in a series and I usually find myself either reading the second or third book in a series first before reading the very first book in the series.  Anyway, despite that, I really found this book to be so enjoyable and fun to read!  Wilfrid Lupano did a fantastic job at writing this story as the wolf is portrayed as being a friendly guy who really wants to help out the chickadee with his predicament.  I also loved how humorous and snarky this story is as all the characters, including the wolf himself, tend to make witty comments throughout the story, which really made this book fun to read!  Mayana Itoiz and Paul Cauuet both did fantastic jobs at illustrating this book as the characters are humorous to look at and I loved the way that the forest is mostly in purple colors as it makes the forest look extremely unique from any other illustration that I have seen of forests in children’s books.

Overall, “The Wolf in Underpants at Full Speed” is both truly heartwarming and hilarious to read through and anyone who loves reading children’s books about sports and humor will definitely enjoy this book!  I would recommend this book to children ages six and up since some of the humor might be a bit too witty for some smaller children.

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  1. Children's books are fun, and I never deny any donated to my son as we read them over and over again. Hope you have a great week and lovely color scheme

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