Wednesday, September 23, 2020

☀Daily Book Chat #40:☀ Badly Behaving Authors Part 2 (or That Topic I really don't want to talk about, but have to)


 Hello everyone! Welcome to my  ☀Daily Book Chat☀ where I do some SERIOUS discussions that fellow book fans will get a kick out of and relate their thoughts about the subject to other book fans!

Today's discussion question is  Badly Behaving Authors Part 2.

So, WAY BACK IN MARCH 2019, I did a post about badly behaving authors and how their actions could affect your love for their books.  I honestly thought "HOORAY! I got that off my chest!  Now I don't have to tackle that subject EVER AGAIN!"


So, everyone unfortunately knows about the incident with J.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter series) and her transphobic statements and how those statements are causing some people to jump ship from the Harry Potter series.

Well, because of this unfortunate incident, I'm finding myself in a bit of a dilemma: should I abandon the Harry Potter series or should I still support the series, but not the author?

This is a question that I hope that I would never have to face in my lifetime (but unfortunately I did, because life SUCKS that way).

Now, when I normally do these "Daily Chats," I usually make the topic more general as any of these situations can happen to any book.  But, I'm dedicating this post to "Harry Potter" since the Harry Potter series is the one being the most debated here.

So, the last time I talked about authors behaving badly, I stated that if said author made a racist, homophobic or transphobic statement and refuses to apologize for their words, then I would no longer support their works.  But what happens when said author has written your all-time favorite book series?  What do you do about that?

First of all, I DO NOT SUPPORT J.K. Rowling's statements.  I'm a firm supporter of DIVERSITY and I don't think that any group should be discriminated against because of their differences in race, sexual orientation and religion.  However, I grew up with Harry Potter and that series has always been my all-time book series and dear to my heart.

So, the fact that we come to this situation is truly heartbreaking for me.  So, what do I do?

Well, have you heard of the expression "SEPERATE THE ARTIST FROM THEIR WORKS?"  That's exactly what I'm going to do.  I'm always going to love Harry Potter no matter what.  But, I will no longer acknowledge the author if she doesn't apologize for her actions.  And if she does apologize for her actions eventually, then I will definitely be happy about that.

Well, that's my thoughts for today.  Sorry this post had to be such a downer, but what do you do in this situation?  If the author of your favorite series was behaving badly, do you abandon the series or do you separate the artist from their works and still enjoy the series no matter what?  Please feel free to comment down below! always everybody:





  1. I think many people feel this exact way about JK Rowling. It's hard to see an author of a series you love start spouting hurtful nonsense. Unfortunately, I think the HP series will always be slightly tarnished in my mind now, but it's not like I threw all my books away or anything.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction