Thursday, August 29, 2013

[BOOK REVIEW] Morning Glories: Truants Volume 4 by Nick Spencer

Title:  Morning Glories: Truants Volume 4

Author: Nick Spencer

Artist: Joe Eisma

Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy

Year Published: 2013

Year Read: 2013

Series: Morning Glories #4

Publisher: Image Comics

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 16+ (Strong Language and Gory Violence)


After reading the previous three volumes of Nick Spencer’s “Morning Glories” series, I was surprised to find myself actually wanting to read more adventures from the Morning Glories students and I finally managed to pick up the fourth volume “Morning Glories: Truants,” which introduces the next generation of the Morning Glories students!

What is this story about?

After the events that happened in the third volume, the Morning Glory students find themselves face to face with a group of students called the “Truants” (which includes Akiko, Fortunato, Ian, Guillaume, Irina and Vanessa) who happened to be on a mission to kill the creator of Morning Glory Academy.  But, will the Truants end up saving the Morning Glory students from the school itself or will they be a much bigger threat to the school and the students?

What I loved about this story:

Nick Spencer’s writing:  Nick Spencer’s writing is once again full of intensity and excitement!  I loved the fact that in this volume, we actually have a better background story of the teachers Georgina Darmount and Lara Hodge as I was wondering what their relationship with each other was really like and how they felt about obeying their “father” about dealing with the students.  Now, even though I would have been happier to see why the school wanted these particular students and what they are going to do to them, I am glad to actually get a good background story on Lara and Georgina since I could better understand their characters.  I also loved the fact that Nick Spencer introduced the Truants into this story as I was interested in seeing how they would deal with the strange and scary situations going on at Morning Glory Academy while colliding with the Morning Glory students.  I also loved the little nods to Marvel Comics, such as some of the references to “X-Men” sneaking up in this story, like this little exchange:

“How do you even do that?  You’re half my size.  You’re a girl.”

“So sexist.  It’s my special mutant power. Like Colossus!”

Joe Eisma’s artwork:  Joe Eisma’s artwork is once again extremely gorgeous in this volume as the characters look truly realistic and the violent scenes are done so well.  Call me a huge fan of gory violence, but I loved the way that Joe Eisma drew the gory scenes, such as people’s insides being ripped out, as they look so detailed that I was literally blown away by the horrific situation of those scenes.

What made me feel uncomfortable about this story:

Just like the previous three volumes of this series, I often had trouble keeping up with the narration of the story.  As much as I like seeing the flashback sequences for the characters’ back stories, they often get in the way of telling the stories in the present day since they keep interrupting the flow of the stories.   Also, for anyone who does not like strong language and gory violence, this volume has tons of gory scenes of characters having their insides ripped out and a bit of strong language such as the use of the “f” word.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, “Morning Glories Volume Four: Truants” is a great volume that “Morning Glories” fans should definitely check out!  Now that Season One is done with, I cannot wait to see what will happen to these students in the future volumes!


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