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[BOOK REVIEW] The Bride by Julie Garwood

Title:  The Bride

Author:  Julie Garwood

Genre: Historical Romance

Year Published: 1989

Number of Pages: 358 pages

Date Read: 2/28/2011

Series: Lairds' Fiancees #1

Publisher:  Atria

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Some Graphic Sex Scenes)

Now as you have noticed, I have been reading many historical romance novels lately and some of my favorite types of historical romance novels have to deal with Highlanders since the men in those novels are ultra sexy! Well, Julie Garwood’s “The Bride,” is definitely no exception and it was the first book that I have read from romance author Julie Garwood. “The Bride” is surely one hot romantic story that will set your romantic senses afire!

By order of King Henry and King Edgar, the strong and mighty Scottish laird Alec Kincaid to marry an English bride and who does he choose but a strong and independent woman named Jamie Jamison! At first, Jamie refused to get along with the mighty laird and Alec wanted to tame her strong heart, as these two are from two different worlds, they will soon realize that their different worlds might come together!

(Whew! Let me pull myself together here!) Alright, this book was so amazing that I am almost at a loss of words to figure out how to express my love for this book! Julie Garwood has certainly done an excellent job at writing this book as it is full of hot romance, drama and even a little humor here and there. I loved the way that Julie Garwood included so much humor in this romance novel as many romance novels that I had read in the past rarely contain a degree of humor. What I really loved the most about this book were the characters, especially Jamie and Alec, the two most interesting characters out of the entire book! Out of all the romance heroines that I have ever read about, Jamie had to be my favorite one! Jamie was such a strong and independent heroine as she had courage beyond all reason as she easily stood up to the supposedly dangerous Highlanders and can even fight like a lioness! I also loved the way that she cared for other people, especially her stepsisters whom she loved very much and how she refused to let anyone get in the way of doing her duties for her family.

Now Alec Kincaid, man he was truly something else that I had to save the best character for last! Alec Kincaid is easily one of the best heroes ever created as he is both gentle and strong in his nature. What I really loved about Alec Kincaid’s character was the fact that he is extremely strong, especially during the scene where he beats up a band of outlaws single-handily by using his bare hands (my heart is seriously pounding fast for the awesome power of this handsome Highlander!) I also loved the detail that Julie Garwood puts in describing Alec’s physical appearance, which is mainly muscled and huge and that makes him one sexy giant Highlander! I also loved the brief glimpses of Mary and Daniel’s relationship with each other and I am definitely looking forward to reading more about their relationship with each other. There are also many love making scenes that will have romance fans swooning over with joy and I was nearly swooning myself when I read these scenes!

There are many sex scenes in this novel and they are a bit graphic in nature, so anyone who does not like sex scenes might want to skip over these scenes.

Overall, “The Bride” is definitely a novel worth checking out and fans of Highlander romance will definitely enjoy this awesome novel and I am definitely looking forward to reading more of Julie Garwood’s works! 

* 1990 Romance Writers of America RITA Award for Best Single Title Historical 
* 1996 Romance Readers Anonymous (RRA) Award

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