Saturday, September 21, 2013

[BOOK REVIEW] Babushka's Doll by Patricia Polacco

Title:  Babushka's Doll

Author:  Patricia Polacco

Genre: Family / Manners / Toys

Year Published: 1990

Year Read: 2010

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 4+ (Some Mischievous Behavior)

Lately, I have taken interest in Patricia Polacco’s books and I have recently stumbled upon a new book by her called “Babushka’s Doll.” “Babushka’s Doll” is a Russian tale by Patricia Polacco and it is about how a naughty girl named Natasha learns the hard way about what it truly means to be impatient after her grandmother, Babushka leaves her doll with Natasha and the doll comes alive and starts bossing Natasha around! “Babushka’s Doll” is definitely one of the most creative and surprising books ever created that children will definitely get into!

Oh my! Patricia Polacco certainly knows how to bring about a lesson in life in an extremely interesting way! Patricia Polacco has done an excellent job at both illustrating and writing this book about the importance of being patient with other people (especially when the other person has to do work!) I love the way that Patricia Polacco writes this story in an extremely creative way as she takes a cautionary tale about the importance of being patient and turns it into a fairy tale inspired tale that involves a doll coming to life and teaching an impatient girl a lesson she will never forget and I just loved the surreal approach about a doll coming to life since it made this story extremely interesting to read, especially since I imagined that Babushka’s doll would make anyone who has possession of it just go crazy (the doll definitely drove me crazy because it whined so much!) I also love the way that Patricia Polacco teaches children about the importance of being patient and I think that many children will relate to Natasha’s woes in dealing with an extremely impatient doll as impatient children will see that dealing with another person who is much more impatient than that child can open their eyes to the importance of being patient. Another aspect of the story that I really enjoyed in this book are the illustrations by Patricia Polacco herself! The illustrations are just to die for as they beautiful and realistic, especially of the image of Babushka herself as her face portrays many wrinkles, but it also details how wise she is as she seems to secretly know about the doll’s motives before she gives it to Natasha. The image of Natasha on the other hand, is that she is shown as a young girl with brown hair that is wrapped up in a bun attached to a large white ribbon and she is seen wearing a red rose dotted blue dress and to top it all off, she has a scowl on her face which makes her look like a child who is used to getting everything she wants!

Overall, “Babushka’s Doll” is truly a great tale for children who enjoy reading Russian tales and who want to learn about the consequences of being impatient in the form of a doll! This book is definitely one of Patricia Polacco’s finest works in tales that have a folkloric theme! I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book, unless children might get annoyed at Babushka’s doll!

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