Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[BOOK REVIEW] Ultimate Spider-Man: Learning Curve Volume 2 by Brian Michael Bendis

Title:  Ultimate Spider-Man: Learning Curve Volume 2

Author:  Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Mark Bagley

Genre: Superhero / Action / Adventure

Year Published: 2001

Year Read: 2013

Series: Ultimate Spider-Man #2

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Source:  Library

Content Rating: Ages 13+ (Some Language and Violence)

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After reading the first volume of “Ultimate Spider-Man,” I was thrilled to get my hands on the second volume of this series!  “Ultimate Spider-Man: Learning Curve” is the second volume of Brian Michael Bendis’ “Ultimate Spider-Man” series and this time, Peter Parker is going to take on a villain bigger than the last time…KINGPIN!

What is this story about?

In this volume, Peter Parker is still going around town, saving innocent people from various criminals that pop up in the city.  Unfortunately, Peter will soon discover that being Spider-Man may not be all that it is cracked up to be as some of the media make him look like a menace rather than a hero and his social life seems to be dwindling.  Also, Peter has to deal with the city’s big-time crime lord, KINGPIN!

What I loved about this story:

Brian Michael Bendis’ writing: Like the first volume, Brian Michael Bendis’ writing is interesting and hilarious at the same time!  I really liked the way that Brian Michael Bendis writes Peter Parker as Peter is shown as being an energetic and humorous teenager. I loved the way that Peter fires various jokes towards his enemies, which is a quality that has often made him famous with the comic fans.  I also loved seeing Peter’s growing relationship with Mary Jane as we get to see how being a superhero does affect Peter’s social life and how he is trying to decide whether or not he should tell his family and friends about who he really is.  I also loved the portrayal of Kingpin here as he is truly ruthless and even scary at times, which made him into a truly worthy foe for Spider-Man.

Mark Bagley’s artwork:  Mark Bagley’s artwork is extremely colorful and detailed, especially with the character’s faces as they show moments of being shocked or angry.  I also loved the images of the buildings in New York as it looks truly realistic and I can actually imagine myself being in New York whenever I looked at the images.  The only problem I have with Mark Bagley’s artwork is that the characters are constantly smiling, even during moments whenever the characters are in an intense situation.

What made me feel uncomfortable about this story:

For anyone who does not like violence or language in a comic book, there is some language and violence in this volume, although it is not as strong as say something that comes out of “Sandman” or “Saga.”

Final Thoughts:

Overall, “Ultimate Spider-Man: Learning Curve” is a fantastic volume in Brian Michael Bendis’ “Ultimate Spider-Man” series and I would highly recommend this volume to any fan of “Ultimate Spider-Man!”

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