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[BOOK REVIEW] Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas

Title:  Mine Till Midnight

Author:  Lisa Kleypas

Genre: Historical Romance

Year Published: 2007

Number of Pages: 398 pages

Date Read: 9/27/2010

Series: The Hathaways #1

Publisher:  St. Martin's Paperbacks

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Sex Scenes)

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 When I started reading Teresa Medeiros’ romance novels, I started to really get into romance novels.  I finally heard about another romance author and her name was Lisa Kleypas!  “Mine Till Midnight” is the first book I have read from Lisa Kleypas and it is also the first book of the Hathaway family series.  If you have not read a romance novel full of sexual tension, drama and mystery, “Mine Till Midnight” is definitely a romance novel that is worth checking out!

The Hathaway family (Leo, Amelia, Winnifred, Poppy and Beatrix) all had a stroke of bad luck ever since their parents died, even living in an impoverished home in London.  One day, however, the Hathaways inherited a rich estate in Hampshire and it seems that their lives would turn for the better…well, not exactly.  The Hathaways are still unprepared for the high class life since Leo started drinking ever since his finance, Laura, had died and her sister, Winnifred is still weak from contracting the dreaded scarlet fever along with her brother Leo.  However, while Amelia stays at Hampshire, she also meets a dashing half Gypsy man named Cam Rohan, who not only helps Amelia support her family, but also satisfies Amelia’s “sexual desires.”  With Cam wanting freedom from the high class society and Amelia trying to become apart of the high class society, will the two lovers ever be together?  Read this book to find out!

Oh my goodness!  Lisa Kleypas is a true genius in writing this inspirational romance novel!  Okay, let me first talk about the characters and their personalities that I really enjoyed!  I just love how Lisa Kleypas created the characters to be likable and relatable as each character, mainly the Hathaways, have many issues corrupting their lives, but they are always able to overcome any obstacle that comes their way through courage and kindness among themselves.  The characters I loved the most in this book are Amelia Hathaway and Cam Rohan, since this book is all about these two lovers!  I loved Amelia Hathaway because she is such a strong and independent woman especially during the hardships that she and family had endured throughout this book.  I loved the fact that Amelia was always willing to help out her family anyway she can even if society has looked down on her family’s “eccentric” nature and that is the aspect that I came to love about Amelia since it showed that Amelia really cares about her family and she is always putting her family first before her own needs.  Another character that I just totally flipped for was Cam Rohan!  Cam Rohan literally conveys the true meaning of a “handsome devil” as he is perceived as a handsome yet mischievous character.  Not only did I like the handsome and mischievous side of Cam Rohan, but I also loved his caring and independent nature!  Cam Rohan cares deeply for Amelia and he was willing to help her out in her disastrous situations no matter how many times that other people tried to put down his efforts to help the Hathaway family.  What I really loved about Cam Rohan’s character is that he truly respects his Gypsy blood, even though society has shown prejudice towards his Gypsy blood and it shows that Cam is a truly independent person who never let prejudice towards his Gypsy blood discourages his spirit.

Now onto the juicy parts of the story!

For romance fans everywhere, there are plenty of love-making scenes between Amelia and Cam that would make your hair stand up on ends with a burning desire!  The love-making scenes between Amelia and Cam are truly HOT and DELICIOUS and you would just die with passion in reading the juicy details that Lisa Kleypas puts into these scenes!

For people who are not fond of sex scenes, this book has many sex scenes that might offend some people who do not like reading any sex scenes in any book.

All in all, “Mine Till Midnight” not only has hot and sensual love scenes, but it also has a true depth about the importance of family that is uncommon in many romance novels.  I will admit that I was a bit confused at the beginning when I first read this book, but that was probably because I have not read the Wallflower series yet, but this fact never bothered me and this book definitely got me into Lisa Kleypas’ works and I am definitely looking forward to reading more of the Hathaway series and Lisa Kleypas’ works in the future!

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