Tuesday, March 11, 2014

[BOOK REVIEW] The Texan's Reward by Jodi Thomas

Title:  The Texan's Reward

Author:  Jodi Thomas

Genre: Historical Romance

Year Published: 2005

Number of Pages: 346 pages

Date Read: 3/11/2014

Series: Wife Lottery #4

Publisher:  Berkley Books

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 16+ (Some Language and Gun Violence)

I have been reading Jodi Thomas’s popular “Wife Lottery” series for many years now and when I finally stumbled upon the final story of the batch called “The Texan’s Reward” which stars Jacob Dalton and Nell, I was pleasantly surprised by the results of this book!

Many years ago, Texas Ranger Jacob Dalton befriended a young orphaned girl named Nell (who he fondly calls “Two Bits”) and they had been the best of friends ever since.  But years later, Nell is now a full grown woman and Jacob is having even more problems with her.  After Nell gets injured in the last book when the notorious criminal Zeb Whitaker shoots her in the back causing her to barely walk, Nell decides to get married to a man who could help her around the ranch that she had inherited from Fat Alice, the former owner of a brothel. Unfortunately, Jacob Dalton refuses to let Nell marry anyone and he tries to convince Nell to marry him instead.  Of course, Nell refuses at first for she does not want to keep Jacob down because of her injury, but as time goes by, Nell will soon discover that she might have feelings for the courageous Texas Ranger.

Jodi Thomas has done it again with her brilliant writing of the story and the characters involved!  I loved the way that Jodi Thomas wrote the story as it explores how strong love can be, even if a terrible tragedy (such as Nell getting shot and her injury causing her great pain if she tried to walk) could separate two lovers in a second. I was literally on the edge of my seat trying to see if Nell could ever recover from her injury and could she ever touch Jacob ever again due to her injury.  I loved how Jodi Thomas explored all of those insecurities and present it in an emotional context that literally had me crying and hoping at the same time. Probably the best parts about this book were the character themselves as they were extremely intriguing and brilliant to read about!  I really loved the character of Nell as she was shown as being an independent and kind hearted woman who, despite her injury, is willing to take care of her ranch and protect the people she cares about (especially Jacob)!  I also loved the fact that Nell cares so much for Jacob that she was willing to forsake her chance at marrying him just so he could marry someone who would not weigh down his lifestyle (he is a Texas Ranger after all).  I also loved Nell’s relationship with her friends such as Marla, Gypsy and Randolph Harrison as she treats all of them like family and I loved the way that Nell stands up for them whenever they are in danger. But, Jacob Dalton is probably my most favorite character in this entire book as he is truly one of the best western romance heroes I had ever read about!  I really loved the fact that Jacob Dalton truly cares about Nell and was willing to be with her despite her injury and I loved that aspect of Jacob’s character. I also loved how heroic Jacob was as he can easily take down any threat that would harm Nell and would put his life on the line for Nell.  But the romantic and giddy side of me will always love the physical aspects of Jacob Dalton as he is constantly described as being good looking and having a well toned body that I just can not help but fan myself in anticipation every time they mention his good looks!

For anyone who does not like language and violence, there is some language in this book such as various uttering of the “h” word and the “d” word, but it is not as bad as some romance novels that I had read.  Also, there is some violence in this book which involves a lot of gun shooting and anyone who does not like gun violence might be unsettled by the gun scenes in this book.

Overall, “The Texan’s Reward” is a truly great finale for the fantastic “Wife Lottery” series and I am pretty sure that any fan of western romance novels will enjoy it for many years!

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