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[BOOK REVIEW] Chew: Just Desserts Volume 3 by John Layman

Title:  Chew: Just Desserts Volume 3

Author: John Layman

Artist:  Rob Guillory

Genre: Crime / Humor

Year Published: 2010

Year Read: 2013

Series: Chew #3

Publisher: Image Comics

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 16+ (Strong Language and Gory Violence)


After reading the first two volumes of John Layman’s “Chew” series, my interest in this series just keeps rising every time I picked up a new volume!  Now, I had finally read the third volume of the “Chew” series called “Chew: Just Desserts Volume Three” and this volume was just as good as the previous two volumes!  Being an Eisner Award and Harvey Award winning series, “Chew” so far has definitely deserved the praise it has received over the years!

What is this story about?

In this volume, things are looking good for Tony Chu!  For one thing, he has a new girlfriend in Amelia Mintz, his boss is actually being nice to him and he has the best partner anyone could ever ask for in John Colby!  But, when Tony Chu realizes that his ex-partner Mason Savoy is out and up to no good, Tony must choose between being with Amelia and focusing on his job.

What I loved about this story:

John Layman’s writing: As usual, John Layman has done a brilliant job at writing this volume!  The characters were truly interesting to me, especially Tony Chu and John Colby.  I really loved the way that John Layman portrayed the relationship between Tony and John as they have great chemistry with each other (I really enjoyed their playful bickering which was extremely hilarious to see)!  The fact that both Tony and John are willing to protect each other in times of danger was fantastic to see and I would definitely love to see more of their friendship in the future volumes.  I also loved the way that John Layman portrayed Tony and Amelia’s relationship with each other as they truly are a cute couple and I liked the fact that their relationship is more in the progressive stage rather than they are the perfect soul mates because it made their relationship much more believable to look at.  Not only does Tony and Amelia have similar powers which is what brought them together in the first place, but it was great seeing how Tony’s job could affect his relationship with Amelia since he is always going to his job and I was always hoping that Tony and Amelia could work through this problem in order to have a more stable relationship with each other.  I really enjoyed the way that John Layman balanced the humor and the horror in this story as both genres fitted in so well together and was able to create one interesting storyline!

Rob Guillory’s artwork:  Rob Guillory’s artwork as usual was humorous and interesting to look at as it set a more comical and intense mood for the story.  I loved the way that Rob Guillory made the characters look so exaggerated, despite this being a crime series as it really brought in some humor to the story.  I also loved the characters’ shocked expressions whenever something horrific or weird happens to them as it made them truly believable.

What made me feel uncomfortable about this story:

Just like the first two volumes, there is some strong language and gory violence involved in the story and anyone who does not like reading about gore and strong language might be a bit offended by this volume. There are many scenes of characters being shot and blood gushing out in an exaggerated fashion and also there is some strong usage of curse words such as using the “f” word a dozen times.  Readers who are offended by these aspects might want to skim over these scenes when reading this volume.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, “Chew: Just Desserts” is a fantastic volume for fans of the “Chew” series and anyone who loves reading about comical crime drama!  I am definitely going to check out the next volume in this series soon!

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