Saturday, November 10, 2012

[BOOK REVIEW] Fear Agent Volume 4: Hatchet Job by Rick Remender

Title:  Fear Agent Volume 4: Hatchet Job

Author: Rick Remender

Artist: Jerome Opena

Genre: Sci-Fi / Action / Adventure / Horror

Year Published: 2008

Year Read: 2012

Series: Fear Agent #4

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 16+ (Gory Violence)

Brief Introduction:

After reading the last volume, “Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye,” I was more than excited to find out what would become of Heath Huston after his tragic past was revealed.  Now, that I have finally picked up the fourth volume, “Fear Agent: Hatchet Job,” things become more interesting to me at discovering more about Heath Huston!

What is the story?

In this volume, Heath and the other Fear Agents try to find a new home for humanity after the feeders destroyed their planet.  Once the Fear Agents split up to different planets, Heath will realize that they got trouble on their hands when he goes on the planet Kipferi to fight in a battle against Charlotte’s new husband, while the other Fear Agents face a betrayal amongst them!

What I loved about this comic:

Rick Remender’s writing:   As usual, Rick Remender has done a brilliant job at really developing the characters and showing more emotional moments around the characters.  I loved the way that Rick Remender portrayed the relationship troubles that Heath Huston has with both Charlotte and Mara as he ponders about whether he should stay with Charlotte or move on with his life with Mara and it was heartbreaking seeing this type of choice that Heath has to make after he just found his first love Charlotte.  I also loved the surprising twists that Rick Remender throws into this story as we see a betrayal in the team that revealed a shocking past on one of the characters that I felt was extremely tragic to read about and it really brings out the dark nature of this sci-fi thriller series!  I really enjoyed Heath Huston’s character in this volume as he is shown as being a sympathetic character who has gone through so much tragedy in his life as he tries to make up for his past mistakes while defeating various aliens along the way!

Jerome Opena’s artwork: Ever since I started reading the “Fear Agent” series, I have often found Jerome Opena’s artwork to be much more beautiful to look at as it contrasts Tony Moore’s more gritty style.  Jerome Opena’s artwork is extremely gorgeous to look at as the characters seem to glow and the details to the alien world that Heath lives in are extremely vivid and creative to look at!

What made me feel uncomfortable about this book:

For one thing, anyone who does not like gory violence might have trouble getting through this volume since this volume has plenty of gory violence including scenes of people getting their faces ripped off and people’s guts being ripped out (your typical alien horror show). Also, the reason why I gave this volume a four star rating was because the plot did move a bit too fast for me to keep up with as there were too many things going on (the betrayal, Heath’s fight with Charlotte’s husband, the space pirates), although that is not too bad, but in this case, it was difficult to keep up with the story at this pace.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, “Fear Agent: Hatchet Job” is a great follow up to Heath’s adventures and hopefully, I will be able to see more of Heath Huston’s adventures in the alien world in the future!


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