Saturday, January 17, 2015

[BOOK REVIEW] Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis

Title:  Simply Irresistible

Author:  Jill Shalvis

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Year Published: 2010

Number of Pages: 326 pages

Date Read: 1/15/2015


Series: Lucky Harbor #1

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 18+ (Strong Language)

Now I will admit that I had never read any of Jill Shalvis’ books before and it was just luck that I happened to stumble upon Jill Shalvis’ “Lucky Harbor” series, with the first book in the series being called “Simply Irresistible!”  This book was truly one of a kind when it comes to contemporary romance and I had enjoyed it every second of the way!

Maddie Moore’s life was less than perfect since she had lost her job and her boyfriend all at once after having a particularly horrible day.  So, when Maddie finds out that her mother Phoebe Traeger had left her and her two half-sisters Chloe and Tara an inheritance in the form of an inn, Maddie heads on over to Lucky Harbor and meets up with her two sisters, who she had not seen for years.  Not only is Maddie trying to bond with her two sisters, but she also ends up meeting a mysterious and sexy man named Jax Cullen and she instantly falls in love with him.  But unfortunately, due to her past with her abusive ex-boyfriend Alex, Maddie starts having trouble confessing her true feelings for Jax, while at the same time, Jax is trying to figure out a way to tell Maddie about his dark and troubled past.

Wow! For the first time in reading any of Jill Shalvis’ books, I have to say that this book truly blew me away!  Jill Shalvis has done a beautiful job at writing a romance story about opening up yourself to your loved ones and trying to enjoy life any way you can.  I really loved this message in this book because there were times in my own life where I would have a rough time trying to do what I really want in a situation and standing by that decision, no matter how everyone else feels about that decision and Maddie’s experience in trying to think for herself really connected with me throughout the story.  Probably the best things about this book were the characters themselves as they were memorable and extremely relatable to anyone.  I really enjoyed Maddie’s character as she is shown to be extremely determined to stay in Lucky Harbor, despite so many odds going up against her and I really loved the fact that she tries to get out of her shy demeanor and actually take control of her own life.  I loved the relationship that Maddie shares with her two sisters Tara and Chloe, as they seem to have an extremely special bond between each other and it is rare that I read a romance novel that not only focuses on the romance of the lead characters, but also focuses on their siblings and shows the importance of sibling relationships.  I also loved both Tara and Chloe as they were just as insecure as Maddie, but I loved the fact that they were willing to help out Maddie in staying in Lucky Harbor, even if they wanted to leave Lucky Harbor themselves and I really loved the humorous bantering between the three sisters as they make me giggle every time they tease each other about various things!  But man, let us talk about the hero of this story and that is none other than Jax Cullen himself!  I seriously love Jax as he is sexy and witty while also being caring and encouraging towards Maddie and I loved the way that Jax supported Maddie throughout the story and tried to help her stand up for herself.  Also, the sexy scenes between Maddie and Jax are definitely worth reading over and over again (oh Jax, you wicked boy)!

Anyone who does not like strong language, this novel does contain some strong language, such as the constant use of the “s” word and dropping the “f” bombs.  Anyone who might feel uncomfortable reading these words can skim over these words as they read this novel.

Overall, “Simply Irresistible” is truly one romance novel that you have to absolutely check out if you are into sisterly love and a hot hero who is willing to help out the main characters anyway he can!

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