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[BOOK REVIEW] Rin-ne Volume 2 by Rumiko Takahashi

Title:  Rin-ne Volume 2

Author:  Rumiko Takahashi

Genre: Horror / Adventure / Comedy / School

Year Published: 2009

Year Read: 2015

Series: Rin-ne #2

Publisher: VIZ Media

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 8+ (Some Scary Imagery)

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After I just read the first volume of Rumiko Takahashi’s latest work “Rin-Ne,” I was dying to read the rest of this series and I managed to pick up the second volume and I enjoyed this volume as much as the first volume!

Sakura Mamiya and Rinne Rokudo continue to go on even more adventures that deal with the afterlife, including trying to help an Ochimusha Ghost find his lost love and helping the ghost of a school girl that drowned in the swimming pool move on to the afterlife.  Later on, however, Sakura and Rinne end up meeting a young man who is a devil named Masato who is plotting his vengeance on Rinne by stealing the soul of a comatose teenage boy and sending him to debt hell!

Can Rinne rescue the boy’s soul before it is too late?

Read this volume to find out!

Wow! This volume was just as hilarious and exciting as the first volume!  I just loved the way that Rumiko Takahashi is able to combine humor, drama and horror into this series so far, as it makes the storytelling even more interesting and unique to read and I just love the way that each character is being written.  I love the fact that Rinne and Sakura’s relationship is not as aggressive as Rumiko Takahashi’s other works like “Inuyasha” and “Ranma ½” as  it made them really stand out from Rumiko Takahashi’s other couples and I enjoy seeing Rinne and Sakura working together to get the ghosts back to the afterlife while trying to learn more about each other.  What I really loved about this volume is that we are finally getting some kind of story arc in this series as the story line that involved Masato seems to implicate that there will be more trouble for Rinne and Sakura up ahead and that Masato might be one of the first threats that Rinne has to face in his adventures and I am curious to see how that will play out in future volumes.  Rumiko Takahashi’s artwork continues to be gorgeous and creative as the scenes of Debt Hell are amusing to look at as Hell in this volume is depicted as a casino rather than a terrifying place where demons and monsters run rampant in a fiery pit.

Even though there are not as much scary images in this volume as in the last volume, the fact that this series has some scenes of the afterlife might disturb some readers who might find some of the demons in this book a bit disturbing to look at.  

Overall, “Rin-Ne Volume Two” is a fantastic follow up to the first volume of this intriguing series and I definitely cannot wait to check out the rest of the volumes in this series!

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