Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[BOOK REVIEW] Garfield Goes to His Happy Place by Jim Davis

Title:  Garfield Goes to His Happy Place

Author:  Jim Davis

Genre:  Humor / Animals / Relationships

Year Published:  2014

Year Read: 11/21/2015

Series:  Garfield #58

Publisher: Ballantine Books Trade Paperbacks

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 7+ (Some Rude Behavior)


READ, READ, READ!  All I have been doing lately was reading a bunch of “Garfield” comics written by Jim Davis and why not?  I just love the fat orange fur ball and I have stumbled upon a recent set of collections of “Garfield” comics called “Garfield Goes to his Happy Place,” which is the fifty-eighth book in the “Garfield” comic collection series!

What is this story about?

Well, Jon has finally gotten himself a girlfriend in Liz the veterinarian and they seem to be extremely happy with each other…well, unless they have to deal with Garfield’s nonstop sarcastic and bizarre behavior regarding food and relationships!  This collection features comic strips that detail not only Jon’s newfound relationship with Liz, but how Garfield deals with his new relationship with Liz!

What I loved about this story:

Jim Davis’ writing: As always (and I mean always), Jim Davis’ writing is as sharp and witty as ever as we get to see Jon’s new life with his girlfriend Liz and how they are dealing with Garfield’s bizarre and sarcastic behavior.  I loved the fact that Jon finally gets a girlfriend in Liz and it was cute that Liz still loves Jon no matter how weird Jon can get or how even weirder Garfield can get.  It was great seeing another character added to the main cast of Jon, Garfield and Odie as it brings a fresh new take on the “Garfield” comics and a bit more depth in the stories since we actually see Jon developing as a character as his relationship with Liz progresses.  The humor is as usual witty and I loved the fact that Jim Davis still kept the sarcastic humor of the “Garfield” comics intact, even if there are a couple of changes in the status quo of the series, such as Jon’s relationship with Liz.

Jim Davis’ artwork:  Jim Davis’ artwork is as usual hilarious to look at as all the characters have cartoony large eyes and bizarre body shapes that fit nicely with the witty humor of this comic series.  I also loved the image of Liz herself as she is drawn with the same cartoony eyes as the other characters, but her appearance seems to carry a more mature air as she is like the sanest character in the entire comic series.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, “Garfield Goes to his Happy Place” is a fantastic read for anyone who is a huge fan of the “Garfield” comics and I would definitely recommend this title to anyone who is looking for a good “Garfield” read!

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