Saturday, November 15, 2014

[BOOK REVIEW] Black Cat: Guiding Light Volume 18 by Kentaro Yabuki

Title:  Black Cat: Guiding Light Volume 18

Author:  Kentaro Yabuki

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime

Year Published: 2004

Year Read: 2014

Series: Black Cat #18

Publisher: VIZ Media

Source:  Library

Content Rating:  Ages 9+ (Some Scary Scenes)

Alright everyone!  We are getting closer to the finale of the “Black Cat” series and this volume, “Black Cat Volume 18: Guiding Light” will not disappoint you in the slightest!

In this volume, Train and Eve finally confront the Doctor and it turns out that the Doctor’s powers involves the Doctor creating an illusionary world that comes straight from his mind and he uses these powers to trick his enemies into certain doom.  It turns out that the Doctor tricked Train into thinking that Saya and Kyoko, the two girls who cared about Train the most, would want to attack him for no reason at all in this illusionary world.  Also, the Doctor seems to have plans for Eve, which involves cutting her open to see how her powers work. Meanwhile, Sephiria the most powerful member of Chronos, ends up fighting Creed by herself when she finally gets to him.

Can Train and Eve escape from the Doctor’s illusionary world and can Sephiria defeat Creed?

Read this volume to find out!

Kentaro Yabuki’s writing just continues to get better and more intense as the volumes goes on as we get closer to the finale of the “Black Cat” series!  I loved the way that Kentaro Yabuki finally showed us what kind of character the Doctor really is and what his powers are since in previous volumes, while we had some glimpses into his personality, we still did not know what he is truly capable of when it comes to defeating his enemies and we finally get to see that in this volume.  I was truly terrified at the idea that the Doctor can create parallel worlds to what the characters are used to and use it against them, especially the scenes where he traps Eve in a world where the dolls are attacking her (oh man, that scene just creeps me out since I do have issues in horror movies when it comes to dolls)!    I also enjoyed the battle between Creed and Sephiria since I was hoping that we would get a battle between Creed and Sephiria, since it seemed like they would most likely fight each other as they would have a personal vendetta against each other.  Kentaro Yabuki’s artwork is as usual gorgeous to look at, especially during the fight scenes between Creed and Sephiria as it looked intense and exciting at the same time!


For anyone who does not like scary scenes in a manga series, this volume does have some scary scenes that involves the Doctor warping the worlds around Train and Eve, especially during the scene where Eve, a young girl, is attacked by Dolls that look pretty creepy.

Overall, “Black Cat Volume 18: Guiding Light” is a fantastic volume for fans of the “Black Cat” series who want to see fantastic battles between the characters and see how high the stakes are for the characters at this point!

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